Chapter Twenty Six - Xavier POV - Okay

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There was so much blood, the most I’ve ever seen. My heart plummeted. The baby.

“Derrick, she’s arrested, you need to step on it. She’s in cardiac arrest”

The ambulance picked up speed as the paramedic working on Scarlett began to do CPR. He looked up at me before he breathed for her.

Cardiac arrest. Scarlett was dying.

I squeezed her hand as hard as I could willing her to wake up, but she didn’t. Her hand went limp in mine. “Baby please.” I only just managed to say. My throat had dried up, this wasn’t happening.

It seemed like forever passed before we stopped at the hospital. Each moment like a hundred. The doors flung open and there were doctors waiting. The pulled Scarlett out on the stretch and began to wheel her inside. The paramedics were talking to them as they ran, I ran with them.

A junior doctor stopped me from entering the ICU. “Sir, she is in the best hands now.” She offered, leading me to the waiting room in the ER.

“She’s going to be okay right?” I croaked, my words were little more than a whisper, it couldn’t end this way, and it just couldn’t.

“They will do everything they can sir. I promise. If you wait here I will have answers for you as soon as possible.” I frowned at the vague answer. She couldn’t tell me it was going to be okay, so maybe it wasn’t.

The doctor left me standing there alone to go and help. I stood in the middle of the emergency room in my wedding suit on my wedding day without my bride. Why us?

Oxygen left my lungs, which caused me to feel light headed. A horrible and deafening voice shouted inside my head, No one lives through that much blood loss. No one!

Minutes passed but they felt like hours, I stood frozen on the spot, unable to take a seat or relax in anyway.

“Xavier.” Nick called from behind me. I couldn’t tell them.

My parents and her parents engulfed me. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t breathe I needed air. I needed to escape. I wanted to run. Like I had after the miscarriage. I couldn’t do this, I couldn’t lose her. I couldn’t lose our baby.

I broke out of the embrace and ran down a corridor. I punched the wall hard until I could feel the skin break and bleed, and then I shouted because it was all I could do.

It hurt, I could feel the blood running down my knuckles on to the ground, but what did my pain matter. What about her? I slid down to the ground and gave into the tears fighting to the surface. A hand rest down on my back, it gripped my suit jacket and yanked me up. I looked up, haphazardly, Nick was crying he pulled me in and hugged me. “Please tell me she’s alive.” He sobbed.

“I don’t know.” I replied. I couldn’t say the words, I couldn’t tell him about the blood, or the moment she had looked at me and smiled as her eyes went dull and closed. I couldn’t tell him.

“What happened?” He asked.

I had to tell him.

“She had some kind of bleed. Nick I’ve never seen so much.” I choked it out and closed my eyes to stem the flow of tears. “She stopped breathing.”

I heard Scarlett’s Mom Sarah cry out. She’d heard me. Shit. I pulled myself out of Nick’s hug and turned to face Sarah. “I’m so sorry.” I should have protected her. Sarah shook her head and yanked me into her arms. “”You have nothing to be sorry for.”

“Uh, Mr. Smith.” The junior doctor’s voice called out, I turned around. “Your baby has been born. You can come through.”

The baby.

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