Chapter Eleven - He's Gone

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When we finally made it downstairs Mom and dad had put on a huge breakfast. They’d clearly correctly anticipated we’d all rise late and we only just putting the food out as we walked down.

“Help yourselves! Nick is just frying up some more bacon.” She walked past me and Jace and pulled us into a triple hug.

“I’ve missed you kids like you wouldn’t believe. My three babies have flown the nest and I feel useless.” She frowned and kissed us both on the head.

“Mom. You’re a rock star… go back to the studio” Jace enthused. “You could never be useless.”

“Ugh no, no one wants to hear me crowing away anymore.”

I shook my head. “He’s got a point mom. Get in the studio. I for one would love to hear you sing again. It’s been far too long.”

“Maybe. Eat up you two.”

She let us go. “I’ve missed you sis.”

“Same here. But I’m sure the guys have looked after you?”

Jace nodded and looked over at Cris. He looked at him with the eyes I have Xavier. The ones of pure love and affection. “I’m almost 18, I don’t need looking after, but yes. They have.”

“Look at you, all young and in love.”

Jace grinned and blushed. “I’m lucky you know. Some people go their entire lives looking for true love. I don’t need to look.”

“We’re both pretty lucky.”

I looked over at Cris. He and Xavier were talking about something. Laughing.

Life for once was good. It’s scary how quickly it can change.

After breakfast Cris and Jace went out.

You know how sometimes people say “everything happens for a reason?” They’re wrong. They’re always wrong. Sometimes stuff happens for no reason, at least no logical or sane reason.

Xavier and I were laying on my bed talking about the wedding when Isla burst through the door. Tears were streaming down the apples of her cheeks and she was breathless. She tried to speak but every time she tried her voice broke. I stood up and ran over, placing my arms around hers.

“What’s wrong?”


“Isla?” Jay called out, his voice was raspy and heavy with emotion, “Baby.”

He engulfed her, and me. “It’s Jace and Cris” He sobbed.

Xavier was beside me before I could register what Jay was saying. “There’s been an accident.”

No no no.

I’d just been talking to Jace, literally a couple of hours before hand. He’d been so happy. Were they okay? How bad was it?

“I don’t understand.” I managed to choke out.

“We don’t know how bad it is yet. We need to get to the hospital. Your parents are warming up the cars. We need to go.”

The next hour was a complete blur. The doctors at the hospital couldn’t tell us anything, so we sat in a private waiting room all distraught. Mom had called Cris’ parents, but they didn’t even care. It turned out they’d disowned him when they found out he and Jace were a couple. I couldn’t understand how anyone could disown their child. Especially not someone as amazing as Cris.

Time ticked by, each second felt longer than the last. But all we could do was sit in the room, with a deathly silence all around us, and constant fear coursing through us.

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