Chapter Three - Speak of the Devil.

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We decided not to mention the house to anyone else. We went back to the Hotel after a night of pretending we really were just like every other couple in the world.

The weeks passed too quickly. The last concert before my departure was upon us, and the next morning I'd be boarding a plane back to LA.

News of me leaving the tour had spawned a new set of media ripples, pictures of us on either side of a broken heart was a pretty predominant one. It amused me how they never seemed to get it right.

After the concert finished the guys ushered me into a backstage room where they had decorated it with streamers and balloons. It was reminiscent of a kids birthday party and it was made me feel really good.

Xavier leaned in. “For the 8th birthday that made you feel like you weren't the star.”

Tears sprung in my eyes and I shook my head in disbelief. “How do you remember everything about me so well?”

“Well you see... I'm hopelessly in love with you” He laughed as he kissed me on the cheek.

Jay walked up and engulfed me. “Hey, stop hogging Scarlett. We're all going to miss her” He laughed. Cris, Doc and Jace joined in, as well. I would have probably been grossed out by the sweaty mess of boys fresh from a rock concert on any other day, but today, I want to hold on to the embrace forever.

“I'm going to miss you guys too.” I managed to whisper.

They released me as Isla walked over with a rainbow frosted cake. I looked at Xavier and grinned, he'd really thought of everything. She stood in front of me and held the cake up, the flames on the candles flicked in the air. “Make a wish.”

I closed my eyes and blew the candles out. I didn't make a wish, it seemed greedy. I had everything I needed.

Around midnight we all headed back to the hotel. My flight was at 8am, which meant a 5am wake up.

Xavier didn't speak, he didn't need to. I could see the sadness in his eyes, I'm sure my eyes mirrored his. He placed his hands on my shoulders, then slowly let them fall down my arms until his hands were in mine. Tears threatened to surface, so I looked away.

“Don't cry.” He murmured “please.”

“Okay” I replied, my voice shaking with emotion. I looked back up at him, but as soon as our eyes met again I fell apart. “I'm okay. I promise” I said, sounding anything but okay.

Xavier pulled me into an embrace, my head rest against his shoulder, the fabric of his shirt absorbed the wrath of my tears.

“In three weeks I have a weekend off. I'll fly to see you and we'll talk every day until then” He whispered his own voice wavering.

“I know.”

Xavier moved his hands to my head and brought my face up to meet his. He was crying too. My heart ached. He kissed me, so slowly it was almost painful, but so raw and real that my entire body melted into him like butter on a hot pan. We moved until I leaned up against the wall, its coolness on my back was a nice contrast to the warmth of Xavier’s body against mine.

He lifted my shirt off and threw it to the side. His lips pressed against my shoulder, sprinkling slow sensual kisses along until he reached my neck. My own hands, which until now had sat lifeless at my side, numb with emotion, ran up his back, pulling the hem of his t-shirt up as I did so.

I let my fingertips trail along the warmth of his skin, until he pulled back slightly and helped me remove his shirt.

In silence I was moved from the wall to the bed. He lifted me, then somehow gracefully threw me down. My entire body throbbed for his touch. He sighed deeply, before undoing the buckle on his black jeans. He shrugged them off, leaving his tight cotton boxers on.

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