Chapter Twenty Nine - Xavier POV - I Promise To

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“So she thinks you’re doing the stage wedding in six months.” Jay asked as he pulled the snare drum on to the makeshift stage.

“Well we’re not going on tour until then. She took some convincing in regards to the papers.”

“It doesn’t matter. I suppose. In twelve hours’ time you’re going to legally be her husband. Finally.”

“I’m just glad DJ was down with this whole idea.”

I heard a cough from behind me, and let out a laugh. “Hey DJ.” I grinned turning around.

“You made me the godfather of your child Xavier. I’d pretty much do anything for you.”

I grinned, and nodded. He had cried when we asked him. Which of course set a still emotional Scarlett off. He had accepted wholeheartedly of course.

“So if I offered you the chance to be Amber’s godfather would you buy me a Lamborghini?” Jay grinned. DJ chuckled and hit Jay on the back. “I’m not Rumpelstiltskin Jay.”

“Darn it.” He frowned. “I suppose Isla would have something to say about since Scarlett and ol’ Douche bag here already have the title.”

I smiled. Isla and Toni had both given birth within a week of each other. The grandparents had all waxed lyrical about how the kids would be best friends and grow up closer than we had because we knew what to avoid.

I didn’t like to look too far into the future, not when my now was so perfect.

“Is it weird that I’m nervous?” I mumbled adjusting my tie. “I mean I’ve already married her once.”

“Not in front of 5 thousand people Xav.” Jay laughed.

“It’s almost go time guys, I’ll call her now and get them on the road in 30. The gates open in 15 minutes.” DJ said walking off the stage. Jay left the snare on the ground by Jace and walked off the stage as well. I turned and looked at my brother in law.

“I think you’ve out done yourself… and my father, when it comes to grand romantic gestures Smith.”

“I don’t think anyone could out do Nick.”

“This comes pretty close.” Jace said with a nod.

Jace held his hand out and I shook it, but he pulled me in for a hug. “I’m proud to call you my brother.”

“I’m proud to be your brother.”

He released me and continued to put the kit together. I turned to face the crowd gathering behind the large steel gates that had been erected. I smiled and walked off the stage, Soon Scarlett would legally be my wife and the whole world would know it. I couldn’t wait.

It was an hour before we got the nod that Scarlett was arriving. We’d kept the crowd happy by singing a couple of classics and then I dropped the bomb on them.

I turned to face Scarlett, she looked amazing, like an angel. I knew there were literally thousands of people around us, but all I could see was her.

“Everyone please welcome my gorgeous wife to be, Scarlett!”

I watched her walk across the stage, tears lined her eyes, but she was smiling widely.

She took my hand and kissed my knuckles. “You’re so sneaky.” She murmured, leaning in so that I could hear her. “Only for you baby.” I replied.

Our original celebrant walked out on to the stage wearing a head piece he looked out at the crowd and grimaced. Scarlett leaned across and said softly. “Don’t worry, you can’t mess this up… Just breathe and smile.”

I grinned and squeezed her hands. “Spoken like a true performer.”

“Took me long enough to fully accept it.”

The celebrant began talking, but like the first time around I couldn’t focus on anything he was saying. Scarlett, as she always did, was clouding all of my senses.

“Xavier.” The celebrant said, waking me from my daze. “You can recite your vows.”

“I see you, I feel you, I touch you, I taste you, and I smell you. You are my universe, the center of my world. I need you like I need air. You’re my one true love. Ever since I can remember you know I’ve loved you. I want forever with you and our baby. I want to wake up every morning and know out of all the stupid mistakes I made as a teenager, loving you was the one right thing I did.” Scarlett’s eyes closed, the tears she had been struggling to hold back lined her cheeks. I removed my left hand from hers and wiped away the tears. “I promise to listen, I promise to have hope, I promise to never forget the juvenile boob song. I promise to love you, and cherish you, and to be your one and only until my heart stops beating.”

I wasn’t sure if the crowd was making any sound. I could only see her and hear her. She smiled at me through her tears and nodded. Her mouth opened and she began to speak.

“I never expected to have a love so real, so undeniably strong and beautiful. I especially didn’t expect it to come from you. But now I know it could never have been any other way. I love you, and I always will. I’m glad I came out of the shadows for you.” She choked back a sob and let her head fall back for a moment. “I promise to listen, I promise to have hope, I promise to smile fondly when you sing me your silly little tunes. I promise to love you, cherish you, and be your one and only until my heart stops beating.”

I felt the tears well in my eyes and I tried to hold them back, but staring at Scarlett as she spoke made it impossible. The celebrant said something, I heard the word kiss and without any other coercion needed I pressed my lips against Scarlett’s and kissed her.

Our kisses had always been powerful. The first time she had kissed me I’d almost had a coronary. I had never felt something so passionate and real. My entire body had been alight with lust and love. This was no different. My arms ran on autopilot and pulled her body into mine. I needed this, I wasn’t sure how I’d ever been able to live without it. I realized our proximity and the stage we stood on, I forcibly removed myself from the moment and rest my head against her forehead.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

The crowd went nuts. The celebrant declared us husband and wife for the second time, but this time we signed the papers straight away.

“I’m your wife.” Scarlett giggled as she kissed me on the cheek.

“Yes, baby. You are.”

“I think this calls for a duet… Iris.” She murmured.

“Yes.” I grinned. “I think you might be right.”

I called the guys and we began the song. We sang together like we always did, her voice and mine weaving together to make musical magic. I watched her, feeling so lucky and so grateful that this was my now, this was what I was living for.

She hadn’t given up on me, and I would never forget it.


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