Chapter Fifteen - Xavier POV - Nothingness and Everything.

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I woke and watched Scarlett sleeping for the 7th morning in a row. It had become a ritual for me, something I couldn’t stop, something my body clock had hard wired itself to do.

I could tell when she was about to wake. Her breathing changed from deep and low to shallow and faster. It was the moment she first opened her eyes that got me every. Single. Time. She smiled at me like I made her day better.

“You’re not planning on stopping that are you?” She croaked.

“Nope. I love watching you wake up.” I soothed.

“Close your eyes.” She said sitting up. “No peeking.”

I closed my eyes without question and she jumped over me and off the bed. I could hear rustling around but kept true to my word and didn’t peak.

“You can look” She whispered. “But don’t laugh.”

I opened my eyes and turned to face Scarlett. She was wearing the prom dress. My heart danced and fell at the same time. Last time she’d worn that dress was the last time I’d tried to tell her how I felt. She looked beautiful though, and not a day older. Her hair was longer now, she was taller and she had slightly bigger boobs, but those things only made the dress fit better.

“Would you like to dance Xavier?” She whispered shyly.

“Scarlett it’s like 7am.”

She frowned and held her hands in front of her, reaching out for me. “Please. I still feel sad you missed your chance.”

“We don’t need to relive it.”

She nodded and stepped forward, slipping one of her hands through mine. “You gave me my 8th birthday over again, let me give you junior prom.” She pulled on my hand. “Only I’m going to rewrite the ending.”

I was powerless to her, the way the dress clung to her curves caused chemistry collisions in my body that needed to lead to an explosion one way or another. I sat up and looked at her.

Her eyes bored holes through me, the way they did all the time, the way they always had, except now it was with love, back then it had been with hate.

I stood up and walked over to her.

“What would you have done back then Xavier?”

I smiled, and closed my eyes. 17 year old Xavier already thought he was 10 feet tall and bulletproof. Scarlett had always been the only person to rattle that cage, and right I felt like 17 year old Xavier.

I took a long slow breath then opened my eyes and held out my hand.

“I’ve been watching you all night Scarlett. Actually, that’s a lie.” I stopped and looked down for a moment. “I’ve been watching you all my life. I know I can be a jackass, but I’m really just a hormonal teenage boy who doesn’t know how to control his love for you. So, please. May I dance with you in the hopes you click on how I feel, and admit you feel the same way… please.”

She gasped and tilted her head. “You’d have said that?”

I shook my head. “I’d have been thinking it all.”

“Okay well let’s just say you asked me to dance.”

I nodded. “Scarlett. Will you dance with me?”

She scrunched up her nose and looked away. “But you don’t even like me.”

“Yes I do.”

She looked back at me, and smiled then held her hands back to mine. I moved into her, taking her in my arms. I moved her around her bedroom like I would have back then, not giving a flying fuck who saw us.

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