Chapter Twenty Three - Connect the Dots.

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Arabelle fell to the ground and I turned to my left. DJ stood there,  He dropped the gun he’d used to shoot Arabelle and glanced over at me.

“Kiddo” He gasped, his face was white with shock. “I told you not to go anywhere alone.”

I'd never seen the cool calm collected DJ look so shaken. Tears fell from my eyes thick and fast, He'd saved me, I was alive. I didn’t have time to ask him how he’d found me, because before I could open my mouth police officers surrounded us. One took DJ and threw him down on Arabelle’s car. I wanted to scream at them to stop, but the shock of what had happened rendered me completely speechless. I slumped forward in the chair and cried.

“Miss Jackson, are you okay.” An officer asked bending down to untie my legs. “Are you hurt?”

I shook my head and looked down at Arabelle. The blood, so much blood.

The minute I was free I ran to DJ, the police had him cuffed, but he was standing again now. He smiled at me and despite the situation I smiled back.

“How’d you find me?” I whispered as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I squeezed as tight as I could, thankful that I had the opportunity to do so thanks to him.

“I told you" he shifted against the officer who held him. "you guys are the closest to kids I’ve got. I promised your dad a long time ago I’d take care of you guys if the time arose.” and he looked down at Arabelle's lifeless body. "I always intended to stick to that promise, no matter what."

I pulled back and smiled, thankful for his loyalty. It didn't stem the curiousity that flowed through my mind. “But how?” How had he found me before anyone else?

“That’s a story for later, once I’m free of these cuffs.” DJ said gruffly, he looked up at the officer. “I’m ready to go.”

“I’ll get dad to come to Seattle. We’ll get you out in no time.” My voice shook, I’d come so close to death and every cell in my body knew it. I owed DJ big time, even if he only saw it as upholding a promise he had saved my life... saying thank you didn't really cut it.

“I know Sweetheart. I know.” he smiled and the officer led him away.

In the distance I could see two figures in the darkness running towards us. I squinted to see, but it was too dark. A female officer placed a blanket around me and went to lead me away.

“Scarlett!” Xavier’s voice called out simultaneously setting my heart alight and breaking it. I’d been close to never seeing or touching him again, but here he was. I shrugged the blanket off and ran from the officer and toward Xavier. I collapsed into his arms, his strength alone lifted me back up and together we sobbed.

“I’m so sorry.” I cried, listening to Arabelle had been so stupid, I should have known better, but she had known that my weak point was Xavier, or anyone in my family. She had known I would do anything for him, no matter the cost.

“You’re safe now baby.” He whispered, his voice like velvet enveloped me and made me feel wrapped in his love.

“Look at what I’ve done.” I mumbled. “Look at this.”

I pulled back and pointed to the grave Arabelle had dug for me, the pieces of paper strewn about the field and Arabelle’s body that lay in a pool of on the ground.

“You didn’t do any of this.” He urged, pulling me back away from the scene, he lifted my face to his and our eyes locked. “She did.”

“She’s gone.” I heard and officer behind us say. “We need to cordon off the area and let the proper protocol take place.”

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