Chapter Twenty Eight - Middle of Nowhere

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“He likes the blanket with the elephant on it, and if he cries too much let me know and I’ll come straight home.” I looked down at Jackson in my mom’s arms. He was so tiny and only a month old, it seemed almost wrong to be leaving him behind so soon.

“Honey, you’ll be back in a few hours, and believe it or not your father and I have looked after babies before. Besides, Jackson has his cousin and best friend here too. It’s like a real day care. They’ll be fine.”

I looked down at Daniel and Amber. They were both a couple of weeks old and already bigger than Jackson.

“I know. I just worry.” I whispered brushing the Jackson’s cheek with my thumb.

“That feeling doesn’t really ever go away love. You just learn to accept it.” Mom noted with a knowing smile.

I nodded and took a step back. Isla and Toni flanked me either side and looped their hands through mine. “Come on, our spa appointment is in like 30 minutes.” Isla exclaimed.

I nodded. Day Spa’s weren’t really my thing, but after two weeks where sleep was almost a figment of my imagination, the idea of pure relaxation was kind of inviting.

With reluctance we left the house, and hopped in Isla’s car. I already missed Jackson, I missed his baby smell and his tiny fingers and his itty bitty toes.

“All right! Let’s get our spa on.” Toni claimed excitedly, her loud voice shook me from my thoughts.

“You guys are way too excited for a face mask and back massage.” I murmured.

“Oh, this place is so much more than that!” Isla exclaimed. “They give you champagne and keep snacks close at hand. I mean they’d probably fan you with giant leaves and feed you grapes if you asked. It’s like you’re a goddess!”

“A goddess.” I repeated, almost laughing. I was so far from a goddess it wasn’t funny. Still Xavier had insisted I take this time out and revel in it, and who was I to argue when my eyes felt like sand paper and my body felt weak and weary. Goddess or not, I need to relax a little.

When we arrived at the spa I noticed that the car park was empty… On a Saturday.

“Uh, it’s the weekend why is there no one else here?” I said as I hopped out of the car. “This place can’t be that great.”

“Xavier kind of booked the whole place out.” Toni exclaimed.

“He did what?” I groaned, embarrassed. He knew I despised the special treatment my fame got me and although he’d probably paid a pretty penny to book the place out I winced as I thought about the appointments the spa would have had to shift just for us.

Toni linked her arm through mine and yanked hard. “Come on, it’ll be fun.”

I nodded, I had little choice anyway. We were here, I hadn’t driven, and I needed the relaxation.

We walked across the car park and in through the front door. “Smith party of three?” the receptionist asked as we waltzed through the door.

“That’s us.” I replied with a smile.

“Well then, follow me. We’ve got the mud baths ready.”

Mud baths? “They’re good for the skin” Isla explained. “Just go with it okay?”

We walked into a room with dark marble flooring and wooden walls. The room smelt of incense, pomegranate and mint. The light was muted, relaxing.

“You can get undressed and hope in. The hostesses will be in shortly to apply your face masks.”

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