Chapter 8

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"No! That's not how you throw it!"
"Well how do you throw it? The handle part just keeps bouncing off the wall!"
"Like this."
I showed Hope how to throw a knife for the fifth time since we got home.
"You hold these knives by the handle and swing your arm-" I demonstrated, "and loosen up on your grip and- hit."
When the blade was embedded in the bulls-eye I turned to her. "Now you try again."
"Yeah Hope! Try again!" Raven snickered from where she was in time out.
"What part of time out don't you get?! You're in the corner for a reason!"
"What reason was THAT exactly?"
"You LOCKED Fred on the roof!!!" Hope commented.
"But he DESERVED it!" She said, practically doubling over from laughing so much.
I leaned against the door and sighed. "How did he deserve it?!"
"He killed that zombie before it ate me."
"He saved your life!"
"Now he's winning." She snarled.
Hope argued some more with Raven when I put my head against the door. I sat like that for a couple of minutes when I thought I heard something downstairs.
I listened harder and that time I heard my cupboards opening.
"Guys! Someone's here! They're raiding our house!" I whispered to my friends.
Hope let out a little squeal, "What do we do?"
"Be quiet. I think one of them's coming up the stairs."
I had just enough time to press myself to the wall beside the door and put my hand on my knife when it flung open.
A blonde girl wearing a green sweatshirt that was two sizes too big for her stepped inside the room.
In a fluent motion I put my hand over her mouth, pulled out my knife, and pressed it to her throat. Then I put my face right beside her ear and whispered as meanly as I could,
"Stay quiet and don't say a word otherwise your friends will have to take you away in a body bag."
I hope she doesn't call my bluff, I do NOT wanna kill this chick.
But not to my surprise she nodded her head and went with it. I turned her head and looked into her eyes, they were wide with fear. After another threat of killing her I decided to face her group.
This is gonna get ugly I bet. Ugh.
I forced the girl ahead of me down the stairs and the bigger of the guys started saying "Did you find anything Pocket?"
I started snickering a tiny bit but instantly shut up when he turned around. His face went from happiness to panic in a matter of two seconds.
"Just let her go."
He put up his hands in surrender.
"Why should I do that?"
"Because you're nice."
"I don't like thieves" -I spat the word at him- "and I certainly don't care about her. But you obviously do."
He went white as a ghost, which must have been hard because he was a pretty pale guy.
"What do you want? I'll do anything, just let Pocket go."
"Get all of your crew members in here. And tell me your name while you're at it."
"I'm Hollow. And I'll go get the others-"
"No you won't. Yell for them. Call them in here. You're not leaving my sight, Mr. Hollow." I said with extra smugness.
"Ok. Ok. Just don't do anything. RAGE! FLUKE! EVANZ! PEACE!"
A shout came from in the living room.
"What do you want Hollow?!?"
He cast a glance in my direction, almost to warn them. In response, I pressed the knife a little harder to her throat and glared at him. His voice got a bit higher as he said "JUST GET YOUR BUTTS IN HERE! ALL OF YOU!"
Then three other guys came into the room. One by one their faces dropped to terror.
"Yes Rage?"
"Who's she?"
"Haven't got a clue. But she's got a knife."
"I see that!"
So that's Rage, that's Hollow, and this is Pocket. What were the others names?
"What are your names?" I asked them.
Rage said his name, then another guy said his name was Peace, and another said Evanz.
Where's the other one? There were four names he called, right?
All of a sudden I felt someone's hand tugging at my hair, ripping me backwards. I just tightened my grip on Pocket.
Oh no! If I go down she's going too!
Then I heard his accented voice in my ear.
"Let. Bunny. Go."
"What'll you do if I don't?"
"Do you wanna find out?"
"Do it. I'm curious."
"Curiosity killed the cat DIDNT it?"
"Let go of me otherwise you have a dead bunny on the floor."
"You wouldn't dare."
"Why not?"
He didn't say anything then, just pulled my hair more. Then suddenly, his grip loosened, and he collapsed. I turned to see Raven standing in the stair way grinning like a psychopath.
"I did a thing!!"
"Yeah, drag him over there and take any weapons they have."
After I told her to do it I knew it was a bad idea. Out of nowhere Hollow grabbed her and had a knife to her throat. It had become a stand off.
"Haven't the tables turned girl?"
"No. I still have this chick."
"I have your friend. And I can slit her throat."
"I can slit Pockets throat and have this knife embedded in your skull in 15 seconds."
"You can't. You probably haven't even killed anybody. And you probably wouldn't even if you had to."
I smirked at him.
"Wouldn't I?"
"No you wouldn't."
I then pressed the point of the blade into her skin, just enough to draw blood.
When he saw this he threw Raven to the ground and sat on her back. He then pressed the knife to the back of her neck and faced me again.
"Do that again and she feels it worse than Pocket!"
I pulled my knife away a bit from the sobbing girls neck.
This guy won't quit! He's not gonna break! I need something else...
I turned my attention to Pocket.
"Do you want me to let go of you?"
She nodded her head.
"Do you want Hollow to let my friend go?"
She nodded again.
Rage, not being able to watch this anymore, said, "Stop it! Let her go!"
I moved my hand away from her mouth and ignored him.
"Pocket? Do you want to live?"
"Do you think Hollow will let go of her?"
"Probably not if you have me."
"Do they like you?"
"Of course they do! Right guys?"
They all nodded in agreement.
"If Hollow really likes you, he'll let my friend go won't he?"
"I don't see how-" Hollow tired to protest but I cut him off.
"I was asking miss Pocket here. Not you. Won't he?"
"I suppose so,"
"So ask him."
"Ask him what?"
"If he'll let her go"
She turned to Hollow. "Hollow, please let her go."
Hollow, who now had tears slowly running down his face, whispered to almost himself. "I can't Bunny. I just can't."
I pressed the metal harder again and she practically shrieked. "Please Hollow!! Please!"
Hollow looked torn. He didn't trust me, I didn't trust him, and I had a knife to his (I assumed) girlfriends throat. I decided to play with this a bit.
"Hollow please!" She sobbed.
"Ooh he's not doing anything. Guess he really DOESNT care after all huh?"
That set off a spark that had him charging across the room at me. Knife forgotten, he came in with his fists flying. Right as he got to me I shoved Pocket away and went low to get his legs. He landed with a big "oomph", on top of me.
The big guy laid on me for a couple seconds before realizing that he could win that way. I couldn't shove him off easily, he was at least a foot taller than me.
While he was working on keeping me pinned to the ground with one arm, he went to punch me with the other. Then, I could see it on his face, he thought that it was wrong to hit a girl, he didn't wanna play dirty. But I didn't mind it, as long as it got him off.
I kneed him in the stomach and he shoved me down again. We were so focused that I tuned everyone out. I was watching his body, the way he tensed when he went to move his arms, the look of pure hatred in his eyes, the blood that was on his arm because I scratched him, everything that might help me win.
I wasn't in too good of shape though. My nose was bleeding and it felt like my ribs were bruised from him on top of me. But I wasn't about to give up.
After a while of tussling he didn't care that I was a girl, he wanted to end it, end me. He held me by the front of my shirt and cocked his fist back.

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