Chapter 5

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"Erica! Are you okay? I heard someone scream and, why are you covered in blood? What happened?!" Hope asked as she wiped blood off of my face, looking away from it.
"I had to kill a few, nothing too much." I said, hardening my emotions. I am NOT letting anyone know I broke back there. I won't let that ever happen again either.
"Are you sure you're okay?"
"Hope! I said I'm find didn't i?"
She stopped and took a step back.
"Erica, I just wanted to make sure you're okay." She said. Then, almost inaudible, she muttered "I'm sorry."
"Hope I didn't mea-"
"Just look at the stuff I got and tell me what you think."
"Okay. Then we HAVE to find Raven. It's not safe in here."
In her cart she had a bunch of, well, crap. I explained to her what kinds of food she needed to get and I went to get drinks. Surprisingly enough there was a decent supply of liquids. There was 3 gallons of water, 4 cases of water, a few bottles of soda, and only one case of hugs. I got out another one of the duffle bags and the put gallons of water and the soda in it. Then I sprinted over to where Hope had her cart and, after approving of the new food she added, took the cart back to the drink aisle. I stashed the cases of water and the hugs into the bottom part of the cart and turned to Hope.
"Have you seen Raven?"
"Not since we split up. How do you think we can find her?"
After a moments decision on whether or not it was a bad idea, I decided it wouldn't matter. I looked up to the ceiling and yelled as loud as I could.
"What are you doing Erica?!?!"
"It seemed like a good idea at the time."
"Well she's not answering."
"Well let's go find her."
And with that I started an awkward chicken/t-Rex strut across the store towards the clothing department. When we finally got there, Hope decided to jog around and see if she could find Raven or anything we would need. I was put in charge of guarding our cart. I couldn't just sit there so I decided to climb up on top of a shelf. I stood up and faced the shelf. I thought I could have easily scaled up it so I grabbed a shelf that was above my head and put my foot on one of the lower ones and started to climb. I was just about at the top when I heard something behind me. It was kinda quiet. Maybe it doesn't see me. I'll just finish climbing and-
I wasn't the one who screamed though. As instinct would have it, I kicked my leg out to where something touched my leg and my foot happened to connect solidly with Ravens face. I let go and dropped beside her, that's when Hope came back.
Raven, sitting wide-eyed on the floor beside me said through her state of shock "She kicked me."
"Hoopppee sheeee kiiiicckkeeddd meee"
"It's your fault for touching my leg like a creeper, Raven! Stop whining like a two year old. What stuff did you get?"
Raven just turned, crossed her arms, and pouted.
"Uugghhh Raven just tell us what you got!!" Hope practically exploded.
Raven scrunched up her face and glared at me. "Fine. If you must know I got us some entertainment."
She walked over to where she had a shopping cart and gestured inside.
Fixated, I went to look inside. I found the new Pokemon game, a Mario themed 3DS, Call of duty black ops2, and about a billion other video games. Among the games there were also some useful things. I pulled out a four-pack of walkie talkies and some batteries. After setting them all to the same channel, I gave one to each of them and put the extra one back into the cart.
"So you didn't get any clothes. Just video games."
"Ok then. I got us some guns and stuff. And Hope found food. So can we get out of here? I'm starting to get paranoid."
Raven gasped and asked if she could lead the way... after she found the other ball bat. I agreed and she started off, with an evil glint in her eye.
Why does she look like that? Why is she opting to go first? Wait, why does she even want to walk? What's wrong with her?
While mentally questioning her, I followed behind them both and pushed the cart full of games. That's when I realized where we were. Suddenly Raven stopped and went back to Hope.
"Looks like he's going to "stiff" the cashier. Hehe. Get it. He's dead and stiff.... It was funny."
I felt like I was going to cry again, or throw up, when I realized that she was talking about the little boy I had to kill earlier. But they didn't know that I was the one to finish him off, so Raven made jokes about him and Hope said that she made a terrible pun, and then they asked me my opinion.
"Oh yeah, it was awful. Let's get outta here." I said as I let Raven push the cart. Shaking my head I started to pick up the pace to get to the door. When I got closer I saw the bright light of outside and imagined that I was almost to heaven. But when I opened the door I realized it was hell that I was entering.

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