Chapter 4

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Once inside I had no clue why I was so nervous. There weren't any zombies in sight. It seemed almost too easy to sprint back to the sporting goods section.
Although the trip through the store was physically simple enough, my nerves were on edge after what happened outside. So I kept nervously glancing down every aisle expecting some crazed human to come running after me. But as I kept going and nothing happened I started to calm down. It actually reminded me of Black Friday shopping after most of the people had left, deserted but the atmosphere of panic was still there.
To keep my mind from spazzing with paranoia I put myself in that mindset. The same one I used to put myself in every Thanksgiving after eating. The one where I refused to think about anyone and anything else other than what I was doing. Back then it was usually get these video games for Ethan, Mum wanted this, and now I have to meet Mum back there. I'd go in, finish my mission, and return with the bounty. Nothing could distract me, not the old crones with carts who were mad at me for passing them, not the adorable little kids who looked at everyone with fascination, not even my own sleep deprived self. I couldn't afford to be distracted, and I sure as heck couldn't now either.
I finally had made it silently to the camping section.
"Okay, first things first, gotta find something to hold stuff... Bags... Bags... Where are the bags?"
After a few minutes of mumbling to myself I found some duffel bags. So I grabbed four of them and went back to getting weapons. Clearly I thought to go to the guns first but, seeing as how they're all locked in a glass case, I had to find something to break the glass.
"What breaks glass? Shoes! No shoes won't work..." I continued to go through every option I had as I wandered around the section of the store. Finally I found some baseball bats. I grabbed the last two and shoved one into one of the bags. I kept the red and black one out for me and headed back to get those guns.
"This is gonna make some noise."
With that I smashed the glass. There was a really loud crash and shards flew everywhere. After making sure k wouldn't slice my hand open I started looting. I grabbed all the guns and ammo I could get my hands on, Id always wanted to loot somewhere and now I could, and stuck it all in my bag.
"Okay." I said nodding my head in approval. After the guns were gone I started searching for knives because, let's be honest, knives look dangerous, and I don't. I have to be able to intimidate people somehow. One caught my eye, it had a deadly looking blade but thats not what made me want it. The hilt looked amazing. It was black but it looked like it was stained red with blood although it was brand new. And carved/etched into it was a vampire bat. When I picked it up I noticed that it felt RIGHT to hold it. This knife was mine now. I had just enough time to smile at my new treasure before a little kid ran around the shelf. He had blonde hair that was kind of short, and his eyes, I could barely tell, used to be brown. He had to be about seven years old. I wanted to cry at the sight of him, he was all bloody and his shirt was ripped open, the poor child had been caught and bitten. Now it looked like it wanted to eat me.
"I can't let that happen. But I can't kill the kid, oh god what do I do?!"
But I had no chance of running because, before I knew it, another zombie came from behind me and was on top of me.
I screamed as I fought to get the big lug off of my chest. I wrapped my hands around its throat and tried to shake it off but it wouldn't budge. I managed to get my knee up to where I could kick it in the gut and I rolled away from it, then I remembered the small child. I saw my knife on the floor a few feet away from me and grabbed it as the kid lunged towards me. I stuck my knife out and closed my eyes, not wanting to see what would happen next. Through the knife I felt some resistance, then dead weight. I opened my eyes to see the kids own lifeless pair looking straight into mine. I couldn't even scream because the other zombie had pulled me away and I tightened my grip on the hilt, pulled it out of the kids skull, and sliced the mans stomach open, releasing a putrid smell and his intestines.
He came down hard after his guts poured out of him and onto me, but sadly he was still alive... barely. I finished him off by stabbing his brain.
I laid there for a good five minutes trying to comprehend what I just did.
"I... killed... a child. I just stabbed it... Right in the head... I'm a horrible person."
I crawled over to the corpse of the little boy. Under his blonde hair was a pretty big hole where the knife was. The sight of him made my eyes water.
"I'm so sorry" I said as the tears started to spill over.
"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just, I just wanted to keep my friends alive. I, I had to get this stuff. And then you, you came from out of no where and tried to eat me. You understand don't you? Please understand. I- I gotta- Go."
I could barely see through the tears that were now streaming down my face. But I had a mission. I HAD to get up. I HAD to get this bag to my friends. I HAD to find Hope and Raven. So I got up, wiped my face on my shirt and grabbed my knife out of the big one. Then I walked over to where I had dropped my duffle bags and checked the case one last time. I saw a holster that went with my knife and strapped it onto my right leg. Then I wiped the blood off of the knife and slipped it into its sheath. With one last glance around i heaved the bag of guns onto my shoulder and went to find my group.

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