Chapter 10

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Standing outside of the kitchen made me hesitate. I wasn't just nervous, I was slightly scared. I was almost killed by Hollow, that Peace guy had to be tough to pull Hollow off, and I didn't know about the others. That's what scared me, not knowing.
I couldn't just walk away though, I had to find out what these guys were made of.
"When's sleeping beauty coming?"
God, I hate you so much Hollow. First chance I get you're dead.
"She's coming. When I left her in the bathroom she was about to wash her face off. Somebody had to go and hit her."
"I never hit her in the face! At least I don't think..."
"You punched her in the stomach. What did you think would happen? All of her internal bleeding would STAY internal?"
Hope chimed in. "I'm gonna go check on her, make sure she didn't pass out again."
Oh hell no. I am NOT helpless!
"Hope, I'm fine. He barely did anything. It was a sissy swing anyways."
I sat down at the table across from Hollow and smiled at him. In response, I received a glare.
Peace, feeling the tension, decided to speak. "Ok, now that we're all here, we can actually discuss stuff."
"What were you talking about before I sat down?"
"How weak you were." Hollow said with a smirk.
"Other than how self centered you are?" I shot back.
"No need for that miss bloody face."
"Is that the best come back you can give? That's weaker than your punch was!"
"I was winning!"
"Not the whole time! And you're twice my size so what does THAT say?"
"It says that I have an advantage."
"Which you misused in that fight, which shows your ignorance to obvious things."
He opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by Rage.
"Well this is a bloody mess huh? Get it? Cuz Cuz bloody like blood and and yeah. It was funny. Admit it."
We all turned to see him awkwardly waggling his eyebrows and nudging the air beside him.
Nobody laughed except for Raven. She just lost it and doubled over from laughing so hard.
"What is wrong with you two?!? You BOTH make puns!! And they're horrible!!" Hope looked appalled.
"My puns are not horrible. In fact they're quite..grape!! Hehe! Get it? Grape sounds like great, and they're grape!"
"Could you stop?!"
"Aww orange you glad I made the pun?"
"Can I kill him?!?!"
"Aw peas don't, carrot we all get along?" Raven assisted Rage in a dual punnage against Hope.
Hope walked out of the room, causing the two to laugh like hyenas even more.
Hollow put his hands on his face an sighed. "You two. Upstairs. Now."
Rage started to whine and, after a few minutes of arguing, he and Raven went upstairs. After they left I could still hear them laughing at their awful puns.
I looked around the kitchen. Hollow was sitting across from me. Peace was sitting to my left, Evanz was to my right. Fluke and Pocket were sitting on the counter eating some cookies.
My whole group had abandoned me, almost their whole group was here. If something bad happened, I was sure it would, I was screwed.
"Ok. So what do you guys want? Why are you here?"
"We came here to find other survivors. Other living people. Not the crazy ones that slaughtered a bunch either. I was kinda hoping those ones wouldn't find us." Evanz said.
"Ones like what?"
"Uh for example, there were about a billion corpses at Walmart. Clearly someone killed them all. I don't wanna run into whoever did that."
I couldn't hold in the snicker that was bubbling up.
Evanz looked kinda shocked. "You didn't..."
"I did."
"All of them?"
"No. Raven helped with some. She had a bat."
"Great. So we're sharing a house with a bunch of crazies."
"Woah woah woah. Sharing?"
"Yeah. Hope said we could share the house with you guys."
"Woah woah woah. No. Not happening."
Hollow stood up, walked around the table, and put his arm around me. "Isn't it great, roomie?"
"Get. Your. Arm. Off. Me." I hissed at him as I stood up.
"Aww where are you going?"
"To find Hope."
I racked my brain trying to think of a way to get rid of them while I stalked through my house. I found her by the back door, reading a book.
"Hey. How'd the meeting go?"
"You let them stay here?!?"
"I thought it was a good idea! More people to help us."
"More mouths to feed. They're not even trust worthy!"
"How do you know?"
"Because I do. Why didn't you wait for me to make that decision?"
She put down her book and stood up.
"I didn't know how long you were gonna be out cold from your little petty fight. You were out, Raven was making jokes and getting back to normal, and I was the last one of our group who had a say in anything. If you wanted to make a leaders choice, maybe you should have grown up a little."
"They can't stay here Hope. What's to keep Hollow from slitting my throat while I sleep?"
"Do you only ever care about yourself? They are people! The same as us! We're all trying to live like this and we'll have better chances if we work together."
"I do care about more than just myself! I'm thinking about you guys too."
"They haven't bothered us."
"What about Raven?"
"That was YOUR fault."
"Ok. Let's say it was my fault, I still don't trust them."
"Well too late. They're stuck with us, and you're stuck with them."
"Fine. But I'm still not happy with it. And I'm gonna be the leader."
With that she went back to reading her book and I went back to the kitchen, determined to prove to Hollow that I was better.

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