Chapter 6

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I opened the door and stopped dead in my tracks. I heard Hope give a startled gasp behind me and at the same time I heard Raven gasp. Although whether hers was a scared startled one, or something else, I couldn't tell.
I didn't want to kill anybody else. I knew they shouldn't be alive but I just didn't want to, not after that kid. But looking around the parking lot I saw that I probably had no choice in the matter.
There were at least 20 or 30 of them wandering around and at least ten of those were between us and the car.
Instead of rushing out and getting killed I decided to step back inside and shut the doors.
"We're doomed."
"Hope? What kind of attitude is that?!?"
"Sounds like a positive one to me." Raven chimed in.
"Yeah a positively STUPID one."
"Well I don't see a way out of this. What about you guys? No? I think I have a reason to think that way!"
"Hope, we can smash their heads in! Right Erica? I have batty with me."
"RAVEN!! You NAMED your bat?!" Hope looked appalled.
"Well at least I don't-"
During their petty bickering I tuned them out. I wasn't living in Walmart with that corpse constantly reminding me of what I've done.
Ok. There's more of them on the other side of the car. If we were to sprint there, take them out on the way, and come back to get the carts we might make it. But we could also be swarmed when we got back to the doors and get stuck. Ugh what do I do? Those stupid children aren't helping any!
I put my hands up to my face and sat down.
"Hey Erica, why don't we just hide out in here until they leave?"
"No!" I said, just a little bit too quickly.
"Why not?"
"Because... It's not safe in here."
"Well it DEFINITELY isn't safe out there."
"I vote with Erica. I'm in the mood to smash something in. They'll have to do." Raven said, reaching for the door.
"RAVEN STOP!!" Hope shrilly yelled. But she was too late. Raven had already opened the door and was beating down a woman with black hair.
All of a sudden two were on top of Raven and she hit her head on the pavement. I saw her blood trickle down the hill and mix with the dead zombies blood.
I panicked. I probably shouldn't have, or maybe I should have, I don't know but I did. I screamed Ravens name and every zombie in that area turned to look at me. The ones on top of her even stopped to look.
That gave her enough time to shove the one that was literally sitting on her off. When she knocked it off she twisted and tried to crawl away but the other one grabbed her leg.
I kinda blacked out at that point. All I remember is me running across the parking lot, a lot of blood flying, and my back hurting. I know I killed the one that had Raven before it did any damage. Somehow Hope got to the car and drove it to the carts. That's when I zoned in again.
We packed the car and jumped in. Hope was driving while me and Raven sat in the back. I checked her for any bites and when I found nothing, I looked out at the town.
It was empty. Nothing.
This isn't like how it was supposed to be. There's no fire, no survivors we can join with, no random cars abandoned, why? Why is this happening this way? I wanted it to, but not like this! I was supposed to be a bad-ass and smash through windows, saving people, killing dead ones. Be a ninja and wear all black and look scary. Have some blood splattered on my face, not bathe in it! What the heck world? This isn't the right apocalypse!
"So where are we going?" Hope looked back at me in the mirror.
"Well home I suppose. We live in a fieldish place. We could be like on the walking dead game and have an electric fence."
"But this time, we have to let that STUPID duck kid die!!"
"Raven would you stop?"
"Because!! You're not ready to kill a lot yet! Neither are you Hope. I need to train you both so you won't die."
Hope looked scared for a moment. And I felt bad for her. She just had to watch her two best friends turn into cold blooded killers and now she was being told that she had to do it too. Reluctantly she agreed.
"Ok. We're almost home. Show me then."

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