Chapter 12

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"Umm....No. I bought it for $15. Fair is fair and Raven said I could."

Raven smiled like a psycho as Rage and Evanz bickered over who owned Hollow's shoe. The shoe in question was stolen from Hollow, thrown to Hope, punted by Fluke, hugged by Pocket, and then stolen by Evanz. Rage then put $15 down Evanz's shirt and took the shoe.

Raven barely explained the rules before sending us off on an easter egg hunt for their stuff. From what I could tell though, she stole our stuff, hid it around the house, and we have to find it. When we do it becomes like a fight to the death over who gets what and if you get knocked down you're out. If you don't have anything in your hand by the time she counts to zero you're out.  If you pay for the item you automatically get it. If someone pays more than what you did for it, they get the item. If you run out of money you're out.

I was the first one out, primarily because Hope stole all my money when I wasn't looking and I couldn't knock her out. I would have felt bad. So.... Raven shoved me into the corner of shame under a laundry basket. Peace got out next, he dropped everything when Pocket bit him.


Hollow chimed in , "'s MY BLOODY SHOE I SHOULD GET IT!!"

Rage started to say something but got caught off by Raven attacking Fluke with a loaf of bread and yelling that Fluke and Hope were disqualified because they tried to take her 3DS. After several minutes of brutal bread beatings, everyone was out except for Hollow, Evanz, and Rage. My little corner of shame was overflowing. We had no more room for more losers, but two had to join.

The only items left were the shoe and a stuffed sheep. Rage and Evanz were battling for the shoe and Hollow was conserving energy... by hiding behind the couch and hugging the sheep so he would survive the next round. While Hollow was hiding, Rage literally tackled Evanz and ripped the shoe away. As he turned around he evil laughed... only to be tripped by Evanz. When Rage fell he hit his forehead on the coffee table and couldn't get up.

"Rage is OUT!!" Raven announced.

"Now get the last item and be champion!! The item is.......THE STUFFED SHEEP!!"

Evanz just looked at her. "Really? You did this on purpose!!"

"Yup" Raven replied smugly.

"Well then I quit."

From behind the couch came a voice, "Really? Is this a trick?"

"Hollow, it's not a trick."

"How can I be sure you're not lying?"

"Oh for fu-"

Evanz got cut off by Fred running down the stairs. "We have trouble...and lots of it."

We all exchanged looks before dashing to find out what was wrong, but when we saw we wish we hadn't.

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