Chapter 7

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*a group of guys are wandering around the same town that Erica and her group are in and they stumble across Walmart*
"This isn't how it was supposed to happen Hollow!"
Hollow looks at Rage.
"What do you mean?"
"We weren't supposed to be here! We were supposed to be in England! We were gonna raid the armoury! I was gonna have a sword not this stupid knife! Covered in blood! The only live zombies we've actually found were these ones that we finished off! They were already gonna die too!"
"It's not MY fault we're in America! I'm not the one who killed all of these. I can't control where the live ones are at either!"
"You're right. It's Flukes fault we're here." Rage turned accusingly to the blonde in the back. Up until that point he was poking a black haired zombie who could have been a girl. It's face was so demolished he couldn't tell.
"Bloody hell Rage! I've said sorry a billion times! Can't you just leave me alone about it?"
A blonde girl wearing a sweat shirt that was too big for her came jogging up beside Fluke and defended him.
"Guys! Leave him alone! He just wanted us to all have a fun vacation!"
Rage exploded on her a bit. "Well Pocket, isn't this a jolly old holiday? We're surrounded by dead bodies in a town we don't know, you're wearing Peaces jacket, we've nowhere to sleep, and we have no weapons but little knives!"
Hollow rounded on Rage. "Hey you leave her out of this! She's just trying to keep us all together!"
At that moment Peace came out of the store. "I didn't find anything guys. Just some dead people and empty shelves."
"Oh great! We're all gonna starve to death. That is, if we don't get attacked in the dark first."
Fluke looked up from where he was squatting on the ground and said,
"Hey, these tire tracks seem kinda fresh. Let's go this way."
"But what-"
"Do YOU have a better idea?" Hollow stared down Rage, who was starting to argue.
"No, let's follow him."
"Good! Now let's all get over this and just be friends and smile a bit! Come on guys! It's just the six of us now! Let's just stick together." Pocket looked so hopeful as she skipped away down the road.
After about ten minutes of walking, Peace looked over to his right and saw a house in a field.
"Hey guys! Wait up a second. There's a house over there."
Hollow looked and gave his opinion.
"We could crash there for the night. We don't have anything to lose." They trekked through the field and Rage only tripped a few times on a stick...the same stick every time.
Hollow was the first to the door. He looked back at his friends and turned the handle. It opened on the first try. He cast a smirk back at Rage and stepped inside. Once he saw what was on the table he got a huge grin on his face.
He sprinted in and picked up a nice looking blade. It was a hunting knife, and pretty sharp too.
He started playing around with it while the guys were raiding the cupboards.
"They're full of food!!" Rage whispered.
Pocket, being bored of watching the guys go through everything, started to go up the stairs, only to be stopped with an unpleasant surprise.

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