Chapter 11

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"Ok, what did Hope say, your highness?
"We decided that you guys can stay. We're all people and we need to work together. But I'm in charge because it's my house."
"Wow. That actually sounded caring... Sort of. I didn't know you were capable of that."
I took a deep breath and continued as if he never said anything.
"You guys need somewhere to sleep. We've got a couch, two chairs, and three beds. And the floor but that doesn't count."
Fluke started counting on his fingers and announced that there was nine of us. When I said that there was ten they all looked shocked.
"We have another guy in our group but nobody likes him and so Raven locked him on the roof. I don't know why he hasn't tried to get back down yet, but as far as I know he's still there."
Pocket looked around and cautiously raised her hand. "Can we sleep somewhere else?"
Evanz was going to answer her but got interrupted when Rage and Raven came down the stairs proclaiming that they had ideas.
"We're going to die..." Hollow muttered under his breath.
Rage carefully set down a legend of Zelda monopoly game on the table as Raven set down a Nintendo monopoly game.
"What are we supposed to do with these? This is NOT the time to be playing board games!"
Raven set down the lid to one of the games and glared at me. "Shush! Can't you see I'm focused here?!?"
"Yeah but what are you-"
I got silenced by a stack of Monopoly money being thrown in my face.
"I TOLD you to shush, Erica! I'm fixing our problem! HOPE!!"
From across the house came a shout. "WHAT?!"
After a good minute of waiting, Hope emerged from the other room and joined us. By that time Raven had already assembled sticky notes, the Legend of Zelda board, all of the game pieces, money, and property cards.
"What are you guys doing? An apocalypse just started and you're playing monopoly. I should've guessed it would happen..."
"Hope! We are not playing monopoly."
"Then what are you doing?!"
"Quick au- wait. I can't say it yet. I'm not dressed right!"
I snapped my focus from the table to Ravens face. "Since when did YOU care about what you wear?!?"
"Since something important happened. I'll be back. Don't. Touch. ANY. Of. It." "Did she just threaten us?" Peace said after she had gone upstairs.
"Yeah. I think she did." Evanz confirmed Peace's thoughts.
Hollow was busy interrogating Rage to have noticed the threat. "What are you two plotting?"
"What? Me? Nothing."
"Dude! You were both up there together and you came down with this stuff! Now what is it?!"
"Um I believe it's a board game."
Hollow closed his eyes and sighed. "Why?"
"Well, they were made for entertainment. You see when families get bored they-"
"I know why they were made! But why did you guys bring them down here?!"
"Oh... I have no clue. She won't tell me."
I gave up listening at that point and sat down again. That's when I heard the dementedly long noise. It sounded like she was trying to say hello but forgot how to say it like a normal human so she just made the "e" sound really really REALLY long.
"Heeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllo people! My name is Raven and welcome one and all to the first episode of Zombie quick auction challenge!"
We all turned to see Raven descending the stairs wearing a red t-shirt with a black R on it, a black beanie with a red question mark on it, red gloves with black question marks, and carrying a fake microphone.
At this point, we were all stunned. The reactions afterwards, however, differed between the groups. Hope and I were just confused. All of the guys except for Rage looked disgusted and/or horrified. And Rage was on the verge of tears with a giant grin on his face.
When the crazy got to the bottom of the stairs she continued her commentary. "Today I'll be showing you guys this awesome new series and you guys may notice I'm in a different location than usual. Yeah. I know. 'Whoa changing things up' yeah. Ok. So you guys probably don't care about any of this intro stuff. I know. 'Ugh hurry up with the intro...' Yeah yeah yeah. It's part of the entertainment so deal with it!!"
Rage took a step closer to his #1 fan as she continued.
"Ok. So here's how this is gonna go. I'm gonna give out some money stuff to all of the contestants and they're gonna pick a player piece. I am, because I am all powerful and nobody can beat me, in charge of this operation. Once they all get their stuff, the fun can begin. I will auction off places to sleep and weapons and such and you have that amount of money to spend or you can barter for stuff and whatnot. But once you're out, you're out. No redemption. And you must sit in the corner of shame for the rest of the episode. Everyone got that?"
We all just started to nod slowly. Rage, on the other hand, exclaimed that the Ragican Empire has survived the zombies and went to grab the Master Sword game piece from the table. That caused Raven to slap his hand, take it away from him, and banish him to the corner for five minutes.
"I GET THE MASTER SWORD! You all must choose between the other pieces."
We looked at the left-over parts on the table. There was a triforce, a shield, a bow and arrow, boomerang, hook shot, and a slingshot from the LoZ game. From the Nintendo game there was a mushroom, a star, Samus helmet, gyrold, and a dolphin.
Hope snatched up the dolphin and smiled with her prize. I chose the star, Hollow chose the triforce, Rage ended up with the mushroom, Evanz got the boomerang, Pocket called dibs on the slingshot, Fluke got the shield, and Peace got gyrold.
"Wait, what about the other guy?" Pocket asked the ring leader of this crazy game.
"He sleeps on the roof. He eats on the roof. He poops on the roof. He never leaves the roof. His domain is THE ROOF. He gets nowhere else."
"Raven don't you think that-"
"No time for thinking! Only time for playing! Now here is your money, and we can start the game."
She then proceeded to give us all $2,000 in Monopoly money. After that the auction started.

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