Chapter 3

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During the trip to Walmart I was purely focused on survival and prepping my two best friends.
"So, Hope you get lots of food and drinks. I mean A LOT. So get as much as you can and don't let ANYBODY take it from you."
"Is this REALLY all necessary?"
"Don't question my authority Hope!"
"Erica... you're the youngest of the three of us."
"That doesn't matter. Raven, you're on practical supplies. Get batteries, clothes, gloves, hats, any thing like that. And walkie talkies. Get like 3 packages of them."
"Why can't I get the weapons?"
"BECAUSE WE DONT NEED WEAPONS!!" Hope exploded at us.
"Hope. You will eventually see that we do need them." I tried reasoning with her.
"No we don't! There's no such thing as zombies!" She desperately tried to make me see the "truth".
"Anyhow, Hope you get food, Raven you get batteries and stuff, I'll get weapons and bags. Any questions?"
Hope, now super annoyed, commented "what color straight jacket would you prefer?"
"How about you buy yourself a green one with flowers, cuz I don't need one." I replied as I pulled into the Walmart parking lot, which was surprisingly kind of empty. Once we saw that, the backseat exploded with annoying attempts of getting Hope and my attention.
"Hey, hey, hey, guys! Guys! Guys!! I know you can hear me! Spider-Man is here! Umm um MARCO!!"
"POLO!! Now what do you want?" I question as I pull into a parking space.
"What's wrong with that guy over there?"
"There's nothing wrong with him. You'll get Erica started on zombies again. Erica, just, lets get our groceries and go home." Hope had turned her attention to me because she saw my fixation on the staggering man.
I wasn't paying any attention to my friends though. Without a second thought I had opened my door,ignoring the threats Hope was giving me. I was unbuckling my seat belt when she reached for my arm and stopped me.
"Erica. Don't do it. It's just a..."
"A what Hope? A what?"
"A... a drunk guy. He's probably going home."
"He's wandering around like he's lost. I won't do anything drastic unless it's necessary. I'm just gonna check to see if he's ok. I'm not a killer. I wouldn't ever kill anybody. Now let go of me and trust me a bit would you?"
She retracted her hand like I slapped her in the face. Raven just sat in the backseat unsure of what to do. I ignored them both and got out of the car and walked over the the guy.
"Hey! Hey! Mister drunkard zombie guy?"
Once I was a few feet away from him he turned to face me, or whatever you wanna say he did. His face was grossly deformed and I felt queasy at the sight of him. Raven must have gotten out to back me up, she must have sided with me, because I heard her gasp and say "Oh my god."
I knew Hope was watching. Maybe that's why I felt the need to do it, to prove a point. But whatever the reason, I did it. And I did it without a thought too. I got out my knife.
I know the exact second Hope saw it. And I know the exact second Raven saw it. I knew when they saw it because they had two very different reactions. Right after Hope saw it and yelled not to do it, Raven whispered to me to end him.
I looked at my knife, looked at the man, and looked back at the car. My eyes met my friend and I just shrugged. Then I turned my attention back to the man who was now coming towards me.
I told Raven to step back and be ready to run in case I missed, and then threw the knife. It's blade became embedded in the mans skull and he fell to the pavement.
Over the pounding adrenaline and my thoughts I heard Hopes screams. First they were in horror at the fact that I just brutally murdered a stranger, then they changed into screams of terror at how another zombie tackled Raven and was trying to bite her neck.
I didn't know what to do, I felt so bad afterward. I just froze up. I couldn't move, couldn't think, I just watched this lady try to devour my friend. But thankfully our neighbor Fred came over and killed it. He really was quite efficient in the execution. He smacked it in the head with a shovel to get it off then he shot it in the head. I thanked him for helping while Raven just stared at him like he tried to kill her instead of the attacker.
There was a history between those two. They hated each other. No, despised more like it. I feel like if Fred would have known it was her he would have let her get bitten just so he could kill her himself. They were always doing little pity pranks on each other and so far Raven was winning. Her latest prank, putting a tarantula in his toilet, had put her in the lead.
After Raven got up off the ground, Hope managed to open the car door and shakily walk over to us.
"Raven? Are you okay?" She stuttered.
"Yeah, I think so."
"Now Hope, who was right?" I asked.
"You were."
"And who is gonna go get food and water supplies?"
"I am."
"That's right. Now Fred," I turned my attention to him.
"Would you like to join forces with us?"
His grin turned wicked as he looked over my shoulder, seeing as he was taller than me, at Raven.
"Of COURSE I would!"
"Ok you can go to my house and guard it. The key is-"
"I know where the key is."
"Umm no reason" He said as he sprinted to his jeep.
After I watched him drive off I decided that then was as good as ever to head in. I walked over to the corpse and removed my knife. Then I lead the way to the store and snuck in.

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