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Chapter one

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Zombies. That's all I see. Nothing but the undead in my backyard. They're all dripping blood, missing limbs and language. Nothing like on TV where they moan and stagger toward you with their arms outstretched or dangled to their sides, but ready to grab you. Some are feasting on a body, probably the neighbor. I didn't like him anyways. He was always watching us, being creepy, but THIS happening was just, too horrible to watch. I rip my eyes away from the blood bath and look back at the horde. They're getting closer to the window, and I can see the first one clearly. He looks to be about 25 years old, with brown hair and gray eyes that were probably once blue. Someone must have tried to rip his face off because there's a chunk missing out of his cheek. He's got on a blue shirt that's so full of holes and blood it might as well be purple. His jeans are faded and a bit ripped around some bitten areas. How can his left foot face behind him and he not feel it?! He doesn't seem to notice. All he cares about is warm blood and guts. Living things. Me.

I have to escape. I can't defend this place. Not with three doors and windows on pretty much every wall. I'll end up getting trapped and mauled. I'll gear up and run, that sounds like a solid plan. All of the guns and ammo are missing from the gun rack. Everybody's gone: mum, dad, Ethan, and Sam. They took the gear, and left me to die.

"Thanks guys, love you too"

I settle with a pocket knife and look around my house.

"Is this really the last time I'll be in here?"

As if in response I hear the zombies breaking into the kitchen. I run to the front door, grab the handle and, it's locked.

"Come on! Come on!" I say as I fumble with the lock. I can't get it open. I hear wood splintering, and glass breaking, I look back to see one of the undead looking back me from the inside of the door. I get the door unlocked just in time for one of them to start sprinting towards me. I turn the handle, dash out, and slam the door behind me. I hear a satisfying crash as it runs into the door.

Now where to go... I set off down the road with the zombies behind me. The smell of death is inching closer but I refuse to take it in. There's a figure in the distance. It's human by the looks of it, as I get closer I can make out what it looks like. It's a boy, with brown hair and about my height; although I'm older by four years.


I run even faster and envelope the child in a hug. That's when the smell hits me. It's the smell of them. Corpses, rotting, death. Before I realize what's happening my head bounces off of the blacktop, my vision goes blurry. When it comes back into focus I see Ethan's face staring into mine. I can see the red mark of being bitten on his neck. It's bleeding but that's not what scares me the most. It's his eyes. They used to be sea blue, now they're a cold gray. Staring into mine. I realize what's happening about the same time he goes to rip my throat out.

"Ethan! No! Don't! Please!"

Then he opened his mouth and said something that made my blood run cold:


And with that my own little brother sank his teeth into my arm, I open my mouth to scream and,


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