Chapter 2

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I sat straight up in bed, panicked beyond belief. As I shakily got out from under the covers I realized that, one: I'm alive. And two: I had no clue where I was.
"Mum? Ethan? Heelllooo? Where is everybody?"
I got out of my bed and noticed that everything surrounding me was my stuff. On the wall there was my water-bending scroll that I got for Christmas one year, my weird alarm clock was sitting on my night stand beside my dragon necklace, and my iPod was sitting on the floor by the bed. So I bent down and picked it up to see what time it was. Seeing as how it was 9:30 in the morning, I decided to venture out in hopes of figuring out where the heck I was.
So I put on my necklace and opened the door. Instantly I was surrounded by smoke and the smell of burnt pizza and I remembered where I was. Then I heard myself yelling at my friend.
She looked up from where she was (which by the way was hiding behind a chair, holding onto a squirt gun and shooting it at the oven) and stumbled to find any words that would make the situation less awkward.
"Umm nothing. Go back to bed Erica."
"What. Did. You. Do?!?"
"I tried to make us all breakfast because it's been a month since we all moved in here and I've never cooked you guys food before and I felt bad so I tried to make a pizza and I put it in the oven at 475 degrees because I thought that's what it had to be at but I guess not and then I was playing super smash brothers and I heard a big WOOSH and there was orange everywhere and then it died down and I opened the oven door and then smoke came out and I couldn't breathe so I opened the windows but then I got cold so I closed it again."
I just stood there staring at my friend. Raven was probably boarder-line crazy for saying that all in one breath.
"Raven, breathe. At least you turned off the oven."
"Oh... I was supposed to turn it off?"
"When did this happen?"
"Umm a few minutes ago?"
"Ok so wait. How did you get from the window, to behind a chair and, WHY are you shooting a water gun at the oven?"
"Well after I shut the window I decided to take the pizza out of the oven. So I opened it up again and then KAWOOF!! Flames just EXPLODED out at me and I thought I was gonna DIE so I ran back and hid behind the chair and then I decided I had to do something and-"
"Raven breathe. You're gonna pass out."
She took a big breath and continued her story.
"And then I ran into Hope's room and found her squirt gun and came back here, after shooting her in the head of course, and then started to fire water at the flames. And that's when you came and found me."
Hope was my other friend. Somehow I forgot that we had all bought a house together and were now room mates, but we all had our separate rooms.
"Ok here's what you do." I said calmly as I walked over to the stove.
"You push the off button on this part and then you take the pizza out." I explained as I was hitting the button. But then it kinda went downhill as, since she had the oven door open, a flame danced out of the gaping maw of doom and burnt my leg.
"Well, now instead of having pizza we can have freshly cooked friends for breakfast. Haha." Raven hesitantly laughs, clearly hoping to distract me from the searing pain in my leg.
I just glared at her as I pulled the piece of charcoal out of the oven and shut the door. I'd call it a pizza but honestly, it was so burnt I couldn't tell that it ever WAS one.
After setting it on the stove top I sort of staggered back to the bathroom to patch up my leg. I looked at it and saw that it didn't need anything too major, just some of that healing/cooling/aloe stuff for cuts and a bandaid. So I put some of that stuff on it (it hurt... A lot) and very carefully stuck a bandaid on it.
After my painful adventure was over I went back to the kitchen to find Hope looking for pancake mix and Raven poking to black thing (that was now on the counter) with a wooden spoon.
Hope looked up at me with concern on her face, not for me but more so for the mental well being of the psycho who was poking a burnt pizza.
"Why do we trust her with a stove?"
"I don't know Hope. I haven't been able to figure that out yet."
" She could have killed us in our sleep!"
At this point Raven put down the spoon and turned to face Hope, determined to win the verbal battle.
"If I wanted to kill you in your sleep I could have gotten my 'special' weapon last night."
"You don't have any weapons."
"Sure. If you wanna think that go right ahead."
At this point I'm so sick of listening to the argument that I just wandered into the living room and plopped down on the couch. I turned on the tv and someone had the news on. Why would they have the news on? The news is boring. But because the remote was so far away I just sat there and watched it. The boring news dude had a big nose. And his tie was ugly. And he was talking about some stupid war somewhere. Just as I was about to get up and walk away he started talking about something that was "breaking news" worthy.
Hope came out and sat beside me in a hurry asking what was wrong, while Raven took her good old time to stroll out and plop down on the floor.
As I convinced them to watch the tv, I watched too.
The news guy was going on about how "crazed people" were swarming cities and hurting people. There were crying "eye witnesses" and one lady's face was covered in runny makeup. She slurred about how one man bit her arm and the she showed the wound to the camera. It was all icky looking and it looked infected to me.
After a few minutes Hope realized what I interpreted the news story as.
"Erica. There are NO such thing as zombies!"
"There are now."
"Ugh no. It's just a bunch of crazy people."
"Then why are they eating people?"
"I don't know, maybe they're high or something."
"I don't know Hope. It looked pretty real to me." Raven chimed in as she stood up.
"Yeah, see? Raven agrees! Now. We need to fortify this place. Let's see, we need weapons, ammo, food, I need my gear and-"
Hope looked at me like I was insane. "You're not serious right?"
"Why wouldn't I be?"
"Zombies are FAKE! Made-up, imaginary, not real! There's no way they could be infesting the country."
At that point I got all defensive. "Well if you don't believe me then you don't need to come with me."
"Where are you going?"
"To raid Walmart, where else?"
"YOU CANT RAID WALMART!!" She practically exploded.
"That's right Erica. You need to bring me along too." Raven stated.
"Ok well if you're both going then I guess I am too. But we're not stealing. We can buy the stuff. Let's go."
I quickly stopped her from leaving. "I need to get something first."
I sprinted back to my room and put on jeans, my long sleeved blue shirt, my combat boots and sunglasses. Once those were on I tucked one of my throwing knives into my boot. I left the others by the dart board.
Then I tried to pick up my baseball bat but, seeing as how Hope probably wouldn't let me take it, I put it back down. Then I trekked out to the door and led the way to the car. This was gonna be fun...

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