Chapter 9

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Rose POV
I woke up again to voices. then I remembered what happened.
"She's awake" Luke whisper shouted to the others .
I began to get my vision back and saw the boys circling me .
"Listen rose I'm" I cut him off.
"Just don't Michael , I don't care your just like him" Luke Ashton and Callum looked confused when I said him.
"Who is him?" Callum questioned
I looked at Michael then just said "I don't wanna talk about it " but michael new exactly who I ment and was hurt. he wasn't like him but he is just as bad , he played with my feelings.
"Here" Ashton said as he untied me .
"Thank you ,but u have to go home." with that I ran for the door , I kept running and running , but the front door was locked , damn.
I ran into the bathroom and locked the soor.
I hear them bagging on it .
"Rose you open this door now or I'll kick it down and lock you in that room for a week " Callum shouted .
I new he was serious so I opened it. as toon as I unlocked it , I was grabbed by a angry Luke.
"Please in sorry I won't try again " I lied wile sobed into Luke back as he through me over his shoulder.
I don't think he cared . he just threw me in the bed ad walked out locking the door .
I sat and crird.

Luke POV
"Don't you think that was harsh" A the boys asked.
"Yes I no but I panicked, I never new we're I was taking her." "I think Michael should talk to her" I stated . all the others agreed so Michael went up to her "new" room.
Michael POV
I walked into her room to fine her wrapped up in a ball in the corner of the room. I felt so bad.
M " Rose are you ok "
R " Why would you care "
M "i do and I'm sorry I do live you but it's for the best,"
R " Michael if you love me let me go. I sware I won't tell anyone they took me , please I want to go home. "
I think she just realised she has no home.
Rose POV
Oh I remember , I have no home I lived with chase .
M " Rose but you so t have anywhere to go "
R " I go back to chase"
M " no"
R " yes"
M." No I don't care if you don't love me any more I love you and I'm not letting you go home and get abused that that"
I do love Michael but how could e do this . I just stares crying because he thinks I don't love him.
M " hay what's a matter "
I just cried , he pulled me onto his lap and cryes as he hugged me.
R "you don't think I love you but I do , it's just I don't like the way they took me . "
M " shah it's ok there is a reason that they took you , shhh you. You ll find outsoon "
I fell asleep to the sound of his voice .

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