Chapter 8

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Rosé pov
I hate small spaces , I can't a handle it , it makes me have a fit. I couldn't stay in here any longer, I had to get out . so I screamed
Michael POV
"What was that" mike questioned
"Oh nothing out side probily"
I heard it again , it sounde like . oh god like Rose I followed the cry until I found a small door . I opened it and rose practically jumped in me.
"Please done out me in there again" I was confused when she said rhis. I never brought her here.
Ashton's POV
Michael came out with the girl in his arms.
"What did you do!" He screamed at us.
"I don't no it was just we thought she was gonna hurt you or something." Mike gave a deaf glare at Callum all through that sentience.
"Listen she can't go home mike she'll tell and out band will be wrecked" like. Was right.
Rose POV
"No please I won't tell let me go home " I cried .
"Baby there right you can't go . " I panicked . I jumped out his hands and ran upstairs. I didn't no what to do . I thought he loved me . but he is taking me away from home.
I heard 4 people coming up the stairs , I hid under a bed silent tear falling from my cheecks.
It went quite but then I got pulled out. From under the bed by callum. he threw me other his shoulder and shouted "got her"
He gave me to Michael and he took me into a room , I think it was michaels. he got a chair and sat me down in it.
"Babe I'm so sorry but you have to understand that this is hard for me to do , I love you but I love these guys to ,bit must do this for the band" I can't believe he is sayin this. I got and ran but Ashton had his arms tight around me . damn . he put me back in the chair and tied me to it. I struggled to get out but then felt a pinch In my arm , it was a damn needle !
Then I raided into darkness

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