Chapter 28

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This is gonna be a longer one.

I can't believe this . I have no reason to escape no more . what is the point? I would have no we're to go . They were not my real mum and dad , they died long before,they we're foster parents but I call them mum and dad.

When we got home i jumped out of Ashton's arms and ran upstairs. I did hear them shout my name behind me , but I just ran into a random room and locked it.

I sat down and cryed . that's all I did for what seemed like forever. I had fallen asleep at the door.No one could get in.And no one would ever awaken me from my sleep. I would end it all right now, but they took everything out of the house I could do it with. life sucks. I just cryed myself asleep.

Luke's POV
Ashton and Calum were sent out to murder roses mum and dad. when they arrived home with Rose she just ran to a room, she went in my room. She locked the door and we lost the spare key.

4 hours later

Michaels POV
When we finally got the door open I hated what I saw.
I saw a small little lifeless girl curled up in the corner of the room. she looked so tired , her tear stained cheeks stood out. we made her like that. the girl I loved , well I still liver her. But not as a gf , as my daughter .

Rose pov
I woke up in ..... the crib . and in a onzie AND A NAPPY . god will they ever stop ? Well I'm not . I'm gonna ignore them. They don't deserve my attention. they killed Jake , mum and dad . what's next they gonna kill chase ?" OMG CHASE. he will find me. the ring I we're has a tracking devise in , If it gets knocked it will alert him, maybe he will come for me and start a fight with them , then I'll sneak out. I'll go live with my best friend Lacey . I have iT all sorted.

I kept knocking my ring until it finally let out a LOUD. Noise. the boys came rushing in.
L"what was that"
I couldn't help but smile.
C"rose what was it "
I laughed ?
A"rose I swe-"
R" it's my ring , it has abtracking device in , chase will come get me . "
Michael clenched his fist ,walked up to me , and what he did Nextel stunned me like a ton of bricks.....

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