Chapter 2

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Michaels POV
Wait so he does this to her often? That's just sick I would never treat her that way , I mean who could she beautiful,funny wait what am I saying ? I think I'm in live with her . but we don't no each other that well . she would never be my girlfriend.
"Don't you think you should brake up with him?" I asked her hopin she wouldn't get offended.
"Don't you think I tryed that ?" She gave me a confusing look.
"What do you mean ?"
"I Saïd u fint live Jim And I think we Should go our seperate ways" she explained .
"but all her did was lock me in a room for 5 days without food,i drank water from the tap"
I can't believe what I'm hearing right now.
I grabbed my phone asked her for his number and ring him. things got pretty intense but in the end he was done for .
Rose POV
Great I'm happy I'm no longer with him but I have no we're to stay , and I have no parents house to go to so what now.
"Whacks for helping me "
"We're are you going now?" He asked.
I just looked into his beautiful eyes and got list in thought.
"Oh sorry um I don't no we're I'm going I have no house you see now"
"Wait stay here with me for the time" he was so kind. of course I want to say yes , but I can't just sleep with him right?
"No I would hate to bother you, even if I did we're would I sleep "
"Well I'll sleep on couch and you can have my bed." He is such a gentlemen.i finally agree, he seemed pretty excited, so was I I've liked him for ages and we're not strangers so it's not weird .

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