Chapter 4

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Rose POV
I woke up to the the salty smell of crackling bacon. hmmm . wait I'm still here.
" See you've woken up , I made breakfast." Michael smiled and handed me a plate of sizzling bacon with some egg and chipps. "thank you" I started to tuck inn. "Um rose ?"
"Listen do you wanna maybe go and watch a movie with me ?" Omg I just got asked to a movie , life's good.
" Sure " and with that i finished my breakfast and we went in the car. when we finally arrive we both decided to go watch Annabel, since we loved the conjuring . Michael picked it.
Michael POV
I only wanted to see the Annabel movie because it's supposed to be a lot scarier than the conjuring. And in that she snuggled with me , sh maybe she'll get scared again.
When we finally got into the cinemas we settled down in some seats . she looked so perfect, I couldn't help myself .
Rose POV
We were just sitting only qjust setting in to the movie when something amazing happens. he KISSED me . Michael Clifford kissed me.
Michael POV
I could help it her eyes sparked form the light of the screen.
"I'm sorry I don't no what came over me , I just like you and I no you don't like me but I just,"
She cut me of and kissed me again. "will you please be my girlfriend give me one chance."
"Of course I've liked you since .... FOREVER"

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