Chapeter 6

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Rose POV
I finally snapped out of my delirious day dreaming. I found Michael sitting there just looking at me.
"What are you looking at " I say while playfully punching his arm .
"It's just your beautiful" u no he knew I was blushing at this point . I knew I wasn't beautiful it's just , he thinks I am , and that's all that matters.
"Do you wanna go on a picnic in the woods with me?" I was flattered, it was late but all well.
"I would love to" I kiss him in the cheak.
He picked me up bridal style and carried me up to his car . he gently Place be on the passenger seat and walked round to the drivers seat . he already packed a picnic.
When he finally got there we set up the picnic , well a Michael insisted that he set up as I play the hard and Tiering roll if just sitting and watching. hehe .After we enjoyed a yummy pile of sandwiches and laughter and played, we both got cold .So Michael went to get some wood for a camp fire . I was just sitting on the blanket when suddenly a hand puts a cloth on my mouth, I resisted and tryed to move out of his reach , the lat thing I heard was a male voice saying I'm sorry ...

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