chapter 30

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Ashton POV
chase was here , he came to take our baby away.
A"luke go get rose in the van and pack as much as you can Calum mike help me with him"

Luke POV
I went to pack before I got rose , something tells me he won't come with me willingly , and we have no more needles . so I'm just gonna have to work with it.
I have finished packing now 😕 it took a while.
I went into her nursery and saw she was fast asleep. I quietly picked her up and quickly rapped her I'm a blacked, it would make it harder for her to get out of my grip .

Rose POV
I woke up to ...Luke ?
L"shh baby girl go back to sleep"
I heard screaming in the background . Chase? OMG he came .
Luke clamped his hand over my mouth , right then a bloody chase entered the room.
Luke dropped me and went for chase but chase is much stronger than them so like went down in a matter of minuets .

Chase " rose I'm so so sorry I get it if you hate me , I'm not asking you to forgive me but I have changed and I do love you "
I couldn't help but hug him and cry.
r"i love you it's ok"
and I did love him ,that's was no lie ,I always have done but now he has changed it made it even better .
but just then a VERY angry Michael barges through the doors , with Calum and Ashton right behind him . They all charged at chase.
chase looked at me and said he loved me and to run . I could not just run from him I hit Michael but no harm was done. Chase was bleeding badly,he told me once again to run, this time I did , I ran and ran crying my eyes out. I was still in a onzie and a nappy which slowed me down . I couldn't see the guys so I just at down and cried saying sorry to chase as I no he was now probilly dead.

Calum POV
we had killed chase by now , but we couldn't fine rose. I went out side to look for he with Luke .
Luke POV (a lot of POV in this !😂)
I saw her , a little ,no our little girl sitting under a tree crying . I told cal to go back and tell the others to start to pack, we needed to get out of this country and go back to Austria . so I went up to rose.

Rose POV - shocker 😂
someone came from behind and picked me up , I never tried to get away , I just cried , I then saw it was Luke .
L"shh princess he is gone now "
R" I love him I hate you!"
L" you think that's gonna stop us "
he then silently carried me "home" don't get me wrong I did try to get out of his grip but it just failed.

when we got home sat on the couch with me in his lap , the next thing they told me made me collapse ...

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