Chapter 21

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Ashton POV
She was actually going into head space. Hey this was easy,i thought we would have to like train her . I guess she is fine with it .

Luke POV
She was actually doing it hahah less work for us.

Calum POV
Rose stood up and started to walk away.
C"baby girl were are you going ?."
R"just to the bathroom I need to pee."
"1 that's why you have a nappy . 2 baby's your age don't walk. "

Rose POV
Ok so I'm trying to make them trust me ,but I'm not peeing myself . no no no . just no way, but I needed to go so bad. But I didnt.

Michael POV
She really needed to no that she could use the nappy , so I gently wheezed her tummy so she would go. I smirked in satisfaction , she cryed. Indicating she had peed.
m"shhh baby your such a good girl"
I picked her up and started to change her nappy,she continued crying but when she was all done she stopped. I took her to her nusery and placed her in her crib .

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