Chapter 3

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Rose POV
"Damn it" I mumble . I just remembers all my stuff is at chases. I can't go back at least not now , who knows what he'll do to me ?
Hey rose you don't have any pjs want one if my tops?"
I just nod and shout thanks Clifford. I feel more at home with mike now.
"Wanna watch a movie ? " Mike grinned
"Sure. Please can we watch the conjuring ?" I practically beg.
Michael a POV
Oh my god she likes horro movies ok now I'm madly in love with her I just don't no how to tell her.
"Omg you like that too" I tryed to keep cool.
We watched the film and about half way through, the moment I've been waiting for , she got scared.
Rose POV
We were about half way through the movie unti I got REALLY scared , an literally jumped into the sofa Michael was on and hugged him tight , I was like burning into his back I was so scared .
"Oh sorry" I can't believe I just did that. I went to get up but he pulls me back and we lay there together cuddling. soon we both drift asleep.

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