Chapter 17

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Hi sorry IV been busy 💗💗💗😍
Rose POV
I could see him, but could he see me ? I'm not goin back with him. not now not ever !! He has to except. It. ,
I was just waiting in the tree when I go pulled down. DAMN he looked Angry, but also guilty ?
M "rose please stop running .
R"you don't get it do you ? I'm never gonna stop until you let me go."
M. "Rose next time there will be a punishment .."
What who does he think he is .
r"listen here Michael Clifford , YOU DONT OWN ME OK? SO GET LOST, I DOT. CARE ANYMORE GET I HATE YOU ."
He never said anything after that,just dragged me in the van , he ignored me .

Michael POV
God why does she have to be so damn difficult , I love her can't she see that ? I don't mean to hurt her . but.she leaves me no choice .
Rose POV
R "Michael?"
R "can I take a bath "
When we got home mike led me to the bathroom , I made sure the door was locked and then stripped down and hopped in . I needed to end this,now. I got a razor and broke it so the blades had fallen out , I cut all along my arm and put my head under the water . And waited for death to take me away from this horrible place . to my mum and dad .
Michael POV
M"hurry up are you ok "
She never answered me . after what felt like forever I banged down the door . what I saw was scaring . blood all over her , lifeless.
I picked her up rushed to the bed and did mouth to mouth , I though he was gone but she made a breath . that didn't mean I had saved her yeti ., she is bleeding . BADLY !!!! I wrapped all her cuts up and waited for her to awaken .

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