Chapter 24

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Rose POV
No one got me out , they just kept on saying "your a baby , baby's sit in there chairs. " Well news flash I'm not a damn baby !!!

Michael came over and started TRYING to feed me ,I reapeat TRYINH , NO WAY WAS I EATING THAT SLOP!!!
He gave up trying and picked me up, it was nice to get out of tht chair .
M"baby I no you like to get up , so me and the other daddy's went and got you this "
It was a stretchy type of baby swing . It was bouncy. obviously they got a size for me , and I don't no how cause they are normally just for babys.
He set me down in it and locked me in , with a key !
M" you gonna stay in here for a while"
R"michael get me out of this now ."
He ignore me , well in sick of this , I'm not calling him dad or daddy I'm not giving in. he just stared at me funny then walked away.
I have to admit , it was pretty fun , so since I was gonna be here a little while I started bouncing which lead me into having a laughing fit. 😂😂😂😂

But obviously the boys walked in at that time .
M" awe she is so cute"
L"aww my cute little princesse "

I just stopped. I am going into head space, and I don't want to .

I don't no what is coming over me .
R"daddy I want out"
a"baby we need you too take some pills"
r" ok daddy"

Luke POV
She actually agreed . the pills will make her not be able to talk , she will have to take them everyday , but baby's don't talk ,blossom she wont.
After she took the pills she looked shocked but she it over it . the pulls would let her speak, but only what a 1 year old would say.

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