Chapter 14

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Rose POV
After I had finished my ham sandwich I decided to find a place to rest. but what if they find me when in sleeping ? I don't wanna go back tere.not again.Damn why is life so hard .
Michael POV
Damn. What is wrong with me ? Why did I do that ? I'm so stupid . I love her. And I just wrecked it. back to reality she just ran out the door . I ran after but damn she fast for a girl. but what can expect when sh has those legs.
Damn Michael stop . I had to stop running I ran back to get the car cause clearly I wasn't gonna get her this way.
Rose POV
I just decided to sleep on a park bench . I never actually sleeped but I tryed to .
I saw a dim light from a car I think , in the distance. I wonder if they can help me . maybe drop me of at my home . I started walking up in the direction of the car . WAIT IT THE VAN THEY FOUND ME IM TOAST KILL ME NOW !!!!!!! I started running the opposite way , but it was to fast I was soon dragged in by an angry michael. if I can't get away from them , I'll give them the silent treatment .
M " rose your not leaving me ever so stop trying to get away."
I said nothing of course .
M"rose I'm sorry about before I do love you I only said that because to keep trying to get away when you can't . ok? You staying here with me ."
I sent him a death gelato and looked away.
M " rose please I love you in sorry please "
I had to answer I wanted I say something for him to feel guilt .
R"why Michael why do you love me , it never sounded like you loved me in there. and even if you did why? Cause in ugly like you said a selfish ugly fat brat!!!!!!"
Tears pricked at my eyes . I want to die . and go to my mum and dad up I heaven 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 I love and miss them so so much.

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