The fight

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rose POV
Uh I hate him he is such a back stabbed ! I wish I never met him. Oh sorry how rood am I. Hi my names rose . and let's just say my life is not the easiest . it all seemed to be ok when I had my mum and dad here. chase was a gentlemen to me , I think that's only because my dad always said if he hurst me he'll break him , and life was great. by when I was 17 my parents suddenly disappear. it took two weeks to find them I a corn field holding hands dead . we never actually found out the cause . After that things got worse , besides i ha no parents chase , my boyfriend kept abusing me . hitting me do no reason .
chases POV
"Rose get down here right now" I scream waiting for her.
I have to admit she came pretty fast , but not fast enough so I slap her .
" Chase please stop " she yelled
I just ignore her and kept punching and kicking her . I never realised the curtains were wide open and some dude with red hair walked past looking in the window. he must have seen me because he ran to the door and kicked it down.
Michael a POV
I was just walking down the streets going to band practise. then I saw . well I don't no what I saw . I just ran booted the door down and ran in . I saw a dude veering his girl up. then it hit me it was Rose. I have a massive thing for her . but she was covered in blood so I did what I had to do . I punched chase . he fell to the floor in pain . I quickly scooped rose up and ran to my house down the road. I lay her on my coach until she finally woke up .

Rose POV
I woke up in a strange place I'd never seen before I was pretty confused. then I saw him , Michael . I no him from school and I had a massive crush on him , but he would never like a girl like me. he has amazing hair and an amazing face , look at me I'm here with long black thick hair , ombré blond , crystal blue eyes , wearing ripped black jeans , green day tee , and a beanie. how could he like me.
"rose are you ok? He asked with a worried look I. His face. wait he knows my name ? Michael flippen Clifford knows my name !
" Yeah I'm fine hurt more last week" oops that have it away that chase does this often.

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