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"August you heard me correctly. Lawrence is her son and that makes him my mother's brother. I can't deal man. Then my grandmother is battling cancer, but she doesn't want my mother to know anything." I looked up at August and he looked just as surprised as I did.

"Damn I need a blunt afta' all this shit." He walked back over to the stove checking on his food. Hell I needed a blunt and my ass didn't smoke. This was too much for my damn nerves.

I went and sat down on the counter and just blankly stared. My mind was racing a mile a minute. I really was tryna to grasp all this, but right now I couldn't.

"Listen baybeh." He came and stood inbetween my thighs, tilting my chin to look at him. "We are gonna get through this togetha. I'm gon' be wit you every step of the way, but right now let me take care of you." He kissed my forehead.

"Thank you baby." I wrapped my arms around his neck and pecked his lips.

"What I tell you about thanking me fa' what I am suppposed ta' do. I love you Desire and I'm always gon' have ya back. You gon' be alright cause I gotchu baybeh."

"August I'm go check on Dayvion. I will be back down in a second." He nodded and  I hopped off the counter and headed upstairs.

My heart and mind was heavy. I couldn't think straight. I had a feeling it was more that my grandmother wasn't telling me, but I didn't wanna push. When I looked at Lawrence he didn't have no words and at this point neither did I. I opened the door to my son's room and he was laying on his stomach, facing the wall.

He was so precious and I thanked God for him daily. I smiled to myself because I had the feeling that he was gon' be just like Aug. The way he looks at people and how he is funny acting with others. I ran my hands across his curls and kissed his cheek.

"Love you baby boy." I turned and headed back down the stairs. When I got back down there August had fixed our plates and was putting everything up.

"He still sleepin."

"Yeah he out like a light and he will probably sleep through the night." I took a seat at the dining table and stared at my plate. August had out done himself. Damn I couldn't ask for a better husband. He is incredibly sexy, talented, can  cook, and sex game too strong.

I apparently must have zoned out because August waved his hand in front of my face.

"Girl whea' tha' hell ya head at?"

" thinking about how blessed I am to have you as my husband."

"Is that right?" He rubbed his chin staring at me intently.

"Yes that's right. Now bless the food so we can eat."

He smiled and said a brief prayer over our food. I dug in and I thought I had died and gone to heaven it was so damn good.

" this is soooo good." I closed my eyes and got lost in the taste of the pasta.

"Desire if you don't stop wit allat moanin' and shit, I'ma clear this damn table and fuck tha' shit out ya ass. Keep fuckin' wit a nigga and I ain't fa'got that you hung up on me eitha." He took a sip of his wine and smirked at me.

"Oh damn babe" I'm sorry, but its just so damn good." I stuck the fork in my mouth pulling the food off. I pulled the fork back out slowly, staring at him. I knew I was askin' for it, but I liked messing with him.

"See yo ass be playin' and shit, but I ain't gon' say one word." He continued eating as did I.

"So are you ready for the Bahamas? We leave day after tomorrow." I took a bite of my pasta and washed it down with some wine.

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