12: Heading Home

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The drive back was cramped with the dogs and extra passengers but they made it back alive.

Kristoff had Anna, Buzz, and Kuzco in his car, while everyone else was with Merida. But Merida was too hungover to drive so Flynn took over. They dropped off Merida first...let's just say Elinor was the furthest thing from happy about her daughter's state.

"I don't want ta hear about it mum," Merida groaned as she walked in the house with her mother glaring at her.

Hiccup apologized to Elinor and explained nearly everything.

"I expected more from you, Haddock."

He frowned, "I know, Mrs. DunBroch, I hope I can earn your trust back someday."

Despite the situation, Elinor chuckled. "Oh, Hiccup. It's still here. Yer da most trustwurthy teenager I've met--" Elsa faked a cough from inside the SUV. "As is Elsa," she added. "Just promise me yu'll keep a closer eye on her next time."

Hiccup smiled, "as you wish."

Elinor squinted, "I understood that reference."

"I understood that reference!" Elsa called.

Elinor chuckled. "Alrite, you kids get home safe. I'm sure yer parents missed ya." She hugged Hiccup and waved as they drove away. She then went back inside her house to have a talk with her daughter.

Elsa was dropped off at her house next. Jack gave her a quick kiss with the promise to come over as soon as his mom fell asleep--their parents knew they did that often and didn't mind as long as they were "responsible".

As soon as she stepped in the house it felt wrong.

The joyfulness of the past week vanished into thin air.

She heard sobbing from down the hall where the living room was. "Anna?"

The loud crying stopped. Elsa set down her suitcase by the door and rushed to the living room.

Aunt Primrose was sitting on the couch with her hands covering her face. "Prim...what's wrong?"

She had a feeling she already knew what the problem was, and the look on her aunt's face all but confirmed it.

"Elsa, honey," she stopped as if not knowing what to say next, "the plane crashed over the Mediterranean, they're gone." She didn't have to say who "they" were for Elsa to know who she was talking about

"N-no. They - they can't be..." Tears pickled her vision. Aunt Prim stood up from the couch and hugged her.

"I'm so sorry."

It didn't take long for Anna and Kristoff to walk through the door.

He sensed it immediately but Anna didn't notice it until she saw her strong sister crawled into ball on the couch, crying in their aunt.

"What's going on?" Anna asked.

Elsa's head shot up, she ran to hug Anna, clinging to the only person left of their small family.

"Mom and dad are gone, Anna, the plane crashed."


Very short and sad ending, i know. Okay so the prequel AND sequel books qill be posted later today. They're called "A Life at Dreamixney High" and "A Life at Dreamixeny High: Senior Year." there was an 8-8 tie on which book you wanted next...so I decided to do both. I would recommend that you only read one at a time, though it won't spoil anything if you read them at the same time. So if you liked this story (which I know most of you did), go check them out :) I plan on writing 6 books in this series (this book is included in that number).

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