6: Wager

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Two days later, Wednesday, the friends were running through the forest. But that wasn't all they were doing...they were playing paintball. Girls against boys. That morning they had placed a little wager. If the boys won, they got to watch the girls skinny dip into the lake. If the girls won, they were allowed to dress the boys up in princess costumes then they had to go into the Snuggly Duckling.

It seemed pretty fair in their minds.

Merida sat in a tree--her paintball bow in hand and ready to strike. The arrows had blunt tips with paintballs on the ends. Merida was proud of this weapon, her father had it specially made for her sixth birthday.

Quietly, she waited for a boy to come crashing through the woods.

Jack was also waiting in a tree. His weapon was a staff he made, that shot paintballs out of the tip.

He saw Merida a few yards away in different tree. But instead of shooting her right away, he planned on waiting until one of his dumb-ass teammates came stomping through the woods for her to shoot at. Then, at the perfect moment, he would shoot her. And the girls' best player would be out.

As if on cue, Jack saw a clumsy brunette figure walking in their direction.

Merida raised her bow, aiming at her boyfriend, who was now right below her. She took a deep breath...and shot. He fell to the ground instantly. She couldn't help but chuckle at his shocked face as his head jerked around looking for her. "Merida, what the fuck!"

And that's when Jack shot.

Merida screamed as she fell from the tree. Luckily, Hiccup was right under her, and caught her. They still ended up on the ground from the impact of Merida falling, though.

On the other side, she had a dark blue paint splatter on her chest. "Frost, I'll get ya back fer dis! Especially if ma team loses!"

"Oh I know you will, Red!" Jack chuckled at the couple as he ran through the trees, searching for his next target.

Elsa looked over to Anna who was hidden behind a log. Elsa herself was hiding in a bush. Each had a paintball gun in their hands. The girls heard the crunching of grass and looked up. Seeing Kristoff and Flynn, they jumped back down.

Two on two...the odds weren't in the girls' favor.

Anna gave Elsa some signals.

On the count of three they would stand up and shoot.



Jack saw Rapunzel next to the stream unguarded...He shot her immediately. "Fuck you, Jackson Overland-Frost!" She shouted.

"Sorry Punz--but not really." He laughed. "Where is my girlfriend and her sister?"

"Like I would tell you!" She scoffed.

Jack pushed her against a tree and pointed his staff at her shoes. "What was that now."

"They're near the old tree house."

"That's what I thought." He let go of her and began racing north towards the tree house. He hoped they were still there.

Three! Elsa signaled.

The teen girls sprang from their places, shooting the boys with paintballs. Unfortunately...they didn't seem shocked. They actually seemed like they were expecting it.

Flynn had a smug look that twisted Anna's stomach. "W-why aren't you angry?"

"Because we have backup, and you don't." Kristoff smirked.

Elsa's jaw dropped.

Jack shot twice, aiming for their shoulders. The girls shouted out in surprise, searching around for the shooter. Elsa spotted a patch of shimmery white in a nearby tree. "Damnit, Jack!"

He jumped down from the tree and hugged her. Smiling he said, "Sorry snowflake."

"We are men of action, lies do not become us." Kristoff quoted. He and Flynn began cracking up at the reference.

"Whatever, Merida will kick your asses." Anna laughed.

"Actually...we just won." Jack smirked, "I got Merida fifteen minutes ago.So, looks like you girls have a lake to jump into."

"What about Punz?" Elsa asked.

"Five minutes ago. I'm surprised I got Mer first."

Flynn, Elsa, Anna, Jack, and Kristoff began walking back to the cabin where the other three should be waiting.

"Did any of you do any work except, Jack?" Anna asked as she jumped over a log.

Kristoff looked down, "Uhhh..."


"No." Jack cut Flynn off, "They didn't do shit."

"How did you get shot, Mer?" Rapunzel yelled. They sat on the porch waiting for the others to return, so that they could determine who the victors were. "We don't stand a chance without you!"

Merida huffed, "It's not me fault Jack-ass shot me outta da tree! I didn't even know he was near me! I thought he ran after Elsa an Anna."

"Here." Hiccup handed her a glass of lemonade, he knew how she got when her blood sugar was low, and she hadn't eaten much yet today. It was like she was a dog protecting its newborn puppies, always barking at people...not that he was bothered by it--it just scared most other people.


He handed a glass to Rapunzel as well. She thanked him and took a sip of the sweet drink.

Five pictures emerged from the woods.

"WEEEE ARE THE CHAAAMPIOOOONS, MY FRIEEEEND! WEEEEE'LL KEEP ON FIGHTIIIIN' TIL THE EEEEND, DUN DUN DUN DUN! CUZ WEEEEE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, WEEEE ARE THE CHAMPIONS--" Jack and Flynn were singing while Kristoff walked behind them, smiling. Elsa and Anna rolled their bright blue eyes at the boys' stupidity.

"Shit, we lost?" Merida shouted.

"Sure thing, Curly! And you know what that means." Flynn grinned broadly, examining Rapunzel.

"Eugene!" Rapunzel scolded.

"I'm kidding..."

"But seriously, you lost," Jack shooed the girls towards the dock, "go."

"Sorry lasses, dis is me fault." Merida said as they made their way to the pier.

The girls shrugged, all their boyfriends had seen them naked--or at least nearly naked--so it really didn't matter that much.

"It's okay, who knows, maybe you'll finally get laid." Elsa said. Merida slapped her shoulder."It's what happened to me! Jack accidentally saw me when I got out of the shower and a few days later...well you get the point."

"I never want to hear that ever again," Anna shuddered dramatically.

"Oh shut up."

They reached the end of the dock. They kicked off their shoes then pulled off their shirts and shorts.

Jack and Flynn whistled and made catcalls. Hiccup and Kristoff silently watching by their sides.

"Your disgusting!" Elsa shouted to them.

Jack shouted back, "I know, baby!"

Each girl then faced the lake and pulled off their bras, attempting to hide as much of themselves as possible. Quickly, they pulled off their underwear, and jumped in the lake, one after the other. Rapunzel was the last to jump.

As soon as she hit the water the boys stripped off their shirts and jumped in as well.

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