11: Rise and Shine

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Merida took a deep breath as she stretched. Well, attempted to, the were arms wrapped around her that blocked her form moving. She groaned when she opened her eyes--which widened when she realized she wasn't wearing any clothes.

She thought back to what happened last night during the party...She had a lot to drink...got Hiccup so start drinking...then she kissed him...He had her pinned against a wall, which she was enjoying...and then...Oh shit!

Hiccup's arms tightened around her waist, a signal the he was waking up.

She didn't say anything as she waited for his reaction. When his arms flew off her and he sprang out of bed with even wider eyes that she had, she took it that he figured it out.

She sat up, pulling the sheet with her, to watch him. "We...we...Oh my god, Merida, I'm so sorry!" He quickly pulled on a pair of shorts that were thrown somewhere around the room.

"It was me idea, if I ramember correctly."

"Please," he sat next to her, "please tell me I didn't hurt you." He nearly begged.

Merida shook her head.

Even though this was what they'd both been wanting for the past few months, this wasn't how they wanted it to happen.

"I'm sorree, dis is all me fault." She started sobbing for some unknown reason. Maybe it was because of the crazed hormones after having sex.

"No," He pulled her into his arms, "don't you dare think like that. If it's anyone's fault it's mine because I was supposed to stay sober last night."

"Maybe it's both a 'r faults," she suggested as her cries slowed.

"Sure." Hiccup said, petting her hair.

Anna smiled at Kristoff sleeping next to her. After taking their friends to The Mountain last night, they came back. The party had ended but there were a few people passed out on the couches, so Anna and Kristoff ended up sleeping of the porch swing with a light blanket over them.

She usually wasn't an early riser, but the fact that she was facing east with the sun was blasting her blue eyes definitely woke her. She was honestly surprised Kristoff hadn't woken up yet. But she didn't mind. In fact, he looked adorable when he was sleeping.

"You can stop staring anytime now." Kristoff said, startling her.

He opened his eyes to look at her. "Hehe...umm."

Kristoff smiled, "let's go inside and get some food."

"Good idea."

They stood up, folded the blanket, then walked inside. The stragglers were still passed out on the couch.

Anna walked into the kitchen. Elsa, Jack, Rapunzel, and Flynn were already there.

"Where's Mericcup?" Kristoff asked.

"In bed." Flynn smirked.

Anna gasped, "they finally...?"

"Yup," Jack confirmed, "I heard them last night."

"It's about damn time. They been giving each other looks since April." Everyone paused when they heard noises from upstairs. There was crying. "Is that Hiccup or Merida?" Kristoff asked.

"Merida." Elsa and Anna said immediately.

Elsa finished, "when Hiccup cries, it's softer."

As they waited for the final couple to come down, they chatted about the party and how they would need to drive Kuzco, Gloria, and Buzz home. "I can take Kuzco and Buzz," Kristoff offered, "I need to get something from Buzz anyway, and I live a few blocks away from Kuzco."

"Okay, we'll take Gloria then. Her house is on the other side of DreamWorks." Jack said. He and Hiccup lived on the DreamWorks side of Dreamixney, while Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, Flynn, and Kristoff lived on the Disney side, and Merida lived on the Pixar side.

"Who's taking what where?" Hiccup asked as he walked into the room.

"Look who finally got out of bed," Flynn remarked, earning a slap to the shoulder from Rapunzel.

"How'd last night go?" Jack teased.

Hiccup choked on the orange juice he had just gotten. Jack, Flynn, and Anna started laughing.

"How the hell would you know already?"

"Jack and I could hear you all night," Elsa said. Then she pulled him aside while the others were still laughing. "Are you two okay? I could hear her crying this morning." She whispered.

Hiccup frowned, "it's not exactly the circumstances that we wanted it to happen."

Elsa nodded, understanding. "Do you want me to talk to her?"

"She said she wanted to be alone for a minute."

She rolled her eyes, "Hiccup. When a girl says that, it really means that she wants to talk with someone."


Elsa sighed at how clueless her best friend was. "I'll be back down in a minute." She announced to the rest as she left the kitchen and headed upstairs.

She knocked on the door. "Mer? Can I come in?"


Merida eyes were slightly red as she lay on the bed, sheets covering her up to her chest, staring at the ceiling. Elsa decided to lay down next to her and do the same. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"I just didn't want it ta happen like that."

"I'm sorry."

"At least, unlike most drunken teenagers, I can ramember it."

"Well that's good. Was it nice?"

"Is it always like that?" Merida asked, "so perfect? So complete? Like it's only you and him?"

"From what I know, yes." Elsa smiled.

"Good." Merida got out of the bed and pulled a green t-shirt that was obviously Hiccup's over her head. She slipped into some very short jean shorts then sat back down on the bed. "I just hope dis doesn't ruin anything fer us."

"It won't." Elsa assured.

"One can only hope."

They soon went back downstairs were Merida was greeted by some of Flynn's snarky comments. Of course those comments lead to him being chased around outside until Merida tackled him and he surrendered.

When Buzz, Kuzco, and Gloria finally woke up from their hangovers, the eight decided to start packing up and get ready to head home.


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