8: "Preparation"

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In my oneshots book I wrote the full version of Jelsa'slemon scene from the last chapter. Just for any older readers that might want to read that. It's called "8: Game Night" and it starts right when they switch from playing Mario Kart  to Just Dance. Also I have finals coming up in two weeks and I need to study so I probably won't be updating until then. If I get any free time aside from studying I will try to update but I can't promise anything.

Rapunzel got up earlier than everyone else just like she always did. She jumped out of bed, debating whether or not to wake Flynn up. But seeing as that he wasn't a morning person, she decided against it. She walked out of the room and slowly opened Elsa's door. Rapunzel was going to do Jack a favor.

Jack and Elsa were naked, but luckily cuddled under the askew sheets of the bed. Clothes litered the floor and Rapunzel couldn't help but giggle at the mess they had made.

She walked over to the side where Jack was. She pinched his ear and he would've yelped in pain had she not covered his mouth with her hand.

He jerked her hand away, "What are you doing?" He whispered angrily.

"Trust me, I'm helping you. Get decent and meet me in the kitchen."


"Just do it, Jackson," She glared at him.

"Ahhg, fine. But get out." She was one step ahead of him, already heading for the door the second he said "fine."

° ° ° ° °

Anna woke up to the smell of chocolate. She sniffed like a bloodhound, making her way to the kitchen. Rapunzel and Jack were standing there making pancakes. On the counter behind them was a plate with a few chocolate pancakes on it. Anna walked over and grabbed the plate.

"You know, Jackson...I was planning on killing you today for doing my sister last night, but these pancakes have saved your ass." She grabbed the syrup and a fork, and went back out into the living room.

"I told you it would work!" Rapunzel boasted.

"Yeah..." He sighed. "I honestly didn't think it would, but thanks." She could tell he was relieved. Though Anna was little, she was fierce...and would have kicked his ass in a heartbeat. She did last time and nearly sent Jack to the hospital with cracked ribs and a broken nose. Luckily for Jack, Elsa got there just in time to stop Anna from doing further damage.

Rapunzel flicked flour at him.

"What was that for?" He shouted.

"Doubting me!"

He threw more flour at her and they started an all out war.

Hiccup yawned, rolling over to face the girl whose arms were wrapped around his torso. Her disastrous hair was splayed all over the place and covering her face. Desperately wanting to see her better, he slowly lifted his hand to the mass of hair. In one slow motion he moved it so that it was behind her shoulder. 

He admired her. Not just her beautiful pale skin and rosy cheeks, or her careless fiery hair. Not even the fact that he could now brag about being taller than her because when they first met he was short and scrawny. He admired her bravery and spirit. He loved that she didn't give a damn what other people thought about her and that she was just as stubborn--if not more so--than he was. And even though she wouldn't admit it, she would do anything for those she loved.

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