1: Let's Go

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Merida, Hiccup, Jack, Elsa, Rapunzel, and Eugene were leaving for their annual trip to Elsa's cabin up north for the entire first week of August. "Just take care a her," Fergus told Hiccup threateningly. But Hiccup knew the man well enough to know that he wouldn't hurt him.

Hiccup smiled, "I don't think she needs it. But I will, Sir."

"Stop with dat formal shit, lad! 'Ow many times do I 'ave to tell ya ta cull me Fergus." Fergus pat Hiccup on the back, almost knocking him over.

"Bye Mum!" Merida said, hugging her mother farewell. Elinor was starting to tear up. "Mum, we'll be fine."

"Oh I know, dear. I'm just goin' ta miss ya." Elinor squeezed Merida so tight she she felt as if she couldn't breathe.

"Let the lass breathe! It's only fer da week." Merida's father said to her mother. Elinor's grip on her daughter loosened but only slightly.

Hiccup was happy at the scene before him, he missed his father, but he knew he would never see the stoick man again--he died a year ago in a car accident. At least he had Toothless, his dog, his mother, and Merida too of course.

Elsa and Jack walked into the living room, holding hands, where the others were gathered. "Glad you could finally make it." Hiccup smirked, "Hope you two weren't--"

Elsa slapped his arm, "No!"

"Ow..." Hiccup rubbed his arm, Elsa smiled triumphantly.

Jack chuckled at Hiccup and Elsa, the two had been best friends since he could remember. "Hey where's Punz and Flynn?" Jack realized.

"Dey'll be 'ere any second." Merida answered, finally prying herself out of her mother's arms.

"They better get here soon, we need to get going. Anna might try to catch up with us and it's not that I don't want her to come with...I just need some time alone with you guys."

Jack put his arm around Elsa's shoulder. "Don't worry, Snowflake, I'm sure they'll be here soon."

As soon as those words left his mouth the couple walked into the room. "I'm sorry we're late! It's my fault--" Rapunzel was interrupted.

"We'll talk abou' it later. I gotta get out a here befur me mum changes 'er mind," Merida mumbled, "Bye mum! Bye Da'! Bye wee devils!" She grabbed Hiccup by the collar of his black t-shirt and dragged him out the front door.

"Well he's whipped." Eugene remarked. The rest of the group burst into laughter. They said quick goodbyes to Merida's family as the four walked out the door.

"Come on losers we're going shopping." Merida said in a fake American accent from the driver's seat. Everyone abruptly stopped and stared at her, Merida hated shopping with a passion. "I'm just messing with ya! Ye shoulda seen yer faces!" Merida snorted.

"Ha ha very funny. Now what are you waiting for? The apocalypse? Get in the car!" Hiccup said from the passenger seat.

Jack and Elsa got in the silver SUV first, crawling to the back row. Rapunzel and Flynn followed, taking the middle. All of their bags were already in the back because they packed everything up yesterday. Toothless and Olaf were in a kennel, in the back as well.

"Let's get this show on the road!" Rapunzel squealed excitedly.

"Oi Rider!"


"Tame dat beast, would ya? I 'aven't even started drivin' and she's drivin' me nuts" Merida called. She started the car and began driving.

"You think I have control over that?" Flynn points dramatically at the brunette. "She didn't even fall for the smolder when we first met!"

"Now look who's been whipped!" Jack shouted.

The entire car burst into laughter except Flynn who turned around and glared at Jack. When the laughter died down Hiccup spoke, "Wait...who's the first to be whipped?"

"You." Elsa shouted from the back.


"Mer has you wrapped around her finger." Rapunzel giggled.

"No she doesn't!" Hiccup argued.

"Yes I do." Everyone except Hiccup laughed again at Merida's remark. They were now speeding down the highway. She shrugged, "It's troo. And ye all know it."

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