7: More Games

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Now it was Thursday night at 10:47. The friends were sitting on the couch playing Mario Kart. Of course they didn't have eight controllers so they took turns after every four races.

Right now Jack, Hiccup, Anna, and Rapunzel were playing their final race. Jack was Yoshi driving the Standard Bike M. Hiccup was Luigi and driving the Classic Dragster. Anna was Baby Daisy, she was driving the Quaker. And Rapunzel was Princess Peach, driving the Mach Bike.

They were on Mushroom Gorge--final lap. Jack and Hiccup were neck in neck for the lead. Rapunzel was in sixth, Anna in third.

Jack hit Hiccup with a red shell, but Hiccup quickly caught back up. They were bouncing on the mushrooms right before the end.

Rapunzel used Lightning she had been holding onto until this moment.

Jack, Hiccup, and Anna screamed as their characters fell into the gorge, giving Rapunzel the opportunity to get onto first. Rapunzel passed the finish line, followed by Anna, a computer character, Hiccup then Jack.

Rapunzel jumped up and down happily, "Yes!" She screamed, "I finally beat you!" 

Jack and Hiccup frowned.

"Good job Blondie," Flynn congratulated. He gave her a kiss on the cheek. "My turn though." 

"Ugh fine."

"Gimme da ramote," Merida commanded Hiccup. He handed her the controller without an argument. The awards ceremony played on the screen as they handed off the remotes.

Jack held out the controller towards Elsa. She shook her head, "You can go again."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I don't want Merida to get pissed at me when I beat her, again. I'll play next round."

Jack laughed at her reasoning, "Okay."

Anna gave Kristoff the remote, "You better win." She threatened jokingly.

Kristoff mocked being nervous, "I will, I will, I promise!"

Quickly resetting the game, they chose their characters. Jack as Yoshi on the Standard Bike M, again. Flynn was Wario driving the Wario Bike. Merida was Princess Daisy on the Sneakster. And Kristoff was Mario, driving the Super Blooper.

They started with Sherbert Land--Kristoff's pick. Merida barely came in first, Flynn on her tail and Jack in third. Kristoff in fifth. "Damnit Kristoff!" Anna frowned, "Are you even trying at all?"

"Of course I am. I just don't care as much as you."

"Oh, Anna, just let him be." Elsa sighed. "Flynn I think it's your turn to pick the track."

"Yes! Uhh...how about...Wario's Gold Mine!"

Merida rolled her eyes, "Of course ye would pick dat one."

Flynn ended up winning, with Merida in second. Kristoff came in third and Jack came close in fourth. "You're just letting them win aren't you?" Elsa whispered to him.

He nodded his head and leaned closer to her, murmuring to her. "Yes. I'm having fun and so is everyone else, I don't really care if I win or lose."

"That's sweet..." Jack smiled at Elsa, "But I want you to crush them." He opened his mouth to question her but she held up a finger to shush him. "Actually I want to. Can I have the controller?" Jack knew how freakishly good Elsa was at Mario Kart...everyone did, which would explain why there were multiple groans from the group of friends.

Jack handed her the remote, "do your bidding, Snowflake."

Elsa grinned taking the controller in her hands. “Who’s got next pick?”

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