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3: Skinny Dipping

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They had been playing for two hours now, and it was 10 o'clock. Everyone was without a shirt. But Jack and Merida managed to still have their pants on. Elsa, And Rapunzel were in their bras and underwear. Hiccup and Flynn in their boxers.

"Okay everyone, do or die time." Jack said happily. Too happily. "Hiccup, truth or dare?"

Oh shit. Hiccup saw that devious look on his friend's face. He knew he was going to regret his decision, no matter what he chose. "Truth?" He answered cautiously.

"Last year, who's idea was it to put the dye pack in Merida's shower?"

There it was. Jack knew the answer to this question, so of course he would ask it.

Hiccup could tell the truth, and possibly have Merida break up with him. Or he could skip and lose the game. Or he could try lying about it and hope that Jack didn't call him out on it. That last option sounded like his safest option, even though he knew it was unlikely.

Merida watched her boyfriend waiting for his response. She knew that it was Hiccup's idea because Jack told her the day after it happened, but she didn't really care at the time, so she never told him she knew.

"Flynn." He answered, biting his lip.

"Lies!" Jack and Merida yelled at the same time. The two started laughing.

Merida snorted "It was yoou!"

"Time for the walk of shame, my friend." Jack taunted.

"You knew?" Hiccup asked her.

"A course I did!" Merida snorted again. "Jack told me da day after it 'append."

"What?" He shouted.

"Oh calm down, Hicc. Time to jump in the lake...naked." Elsa giggled.

Rapunzel chuckled, "Does he really have to?" that's not really a sight I want to see."

"Yes. 'Cause I want ta see it." Merida was actually really turned on by the sight she was about to see.

Hiccup smiled at Merida as the group pushed their way outside. They pushed him towards the pier. Toothless and Olaf ran ahead and jumped into the lake. "Walk to the end, strip down, then jump." Flynn smirked.

"I know." Snapped Hiccup.

The group watched, cheering him on as he walked to the end of the dock. Merida stared at him and Elsa elbowed her in the ribs as Hiccup took his boxers off.

Merida blushed. "Jump already!" She yelled.

Hiccup took a deep breath and stepped off the pier. Immediately he was submerged in the moonlit water. It was chilly but not too bad. His head popped up and he saw a curly haired figure holding her hand out to him.

Hiccup grabbed Merida's hand and pulled her into the water. She screamed in shock, but she should've known it was coming. "Hiccup!" She smiled. While treading in the water she pulled off her jeans and threw them up on the dock; now only on her bra and underwear. They started splashing each other.

Flynn, Rapunzel, Jack, and Elsa made their way to the end of the pier after Hiccup pulled Merida into the water.

Jack didn't wait for even a second after taking off his jeans before jumping into the lake with them. Elsa followed his lead, as did Rapunzel and Flynn. The friends splashed each other and joked around for what felt like hours.

Merida swam over to Hiccup and wrapped her legs around his waist and Her arms around his shoulders. She kissed him gently, for a long time, then pulled her lips away as she felt a certain part of him pushing against her bare stomach. "Love ya, Hicc." She smirked.

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