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4: Surprise

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Elsa's eyes flickered open to the sun streaming on her face. Jack's arms were wrapped around her waist, his head buried in her loose light blonde locks.

Jack sucked in a deep breath pulling Elsa closer to him, "Morning, Snowflake." He murmured.

"Morning Frost." She smiled.

"I think we should wake Mericcup up." He whispered mischievously.

"I agree."

They both hopped out of the bed, still on their underwear. Mainly because they were too lazy and got too hot after the movie to bother with putting pajamas on. Elsa slipped on Jack's dark blue sweatshirt--which was much too baggy on her petite figure. Jack put on his brown shorts.

Jack grabbed the airhorn from the dresser. Quietly, the two made their way into the room Hiccup and Merida shared. Elsa cautiously opened the door, careful not to wake Toothless, who sat on at foot of their bed. They stepped inside and stood on opposite sides of the bed.

Elsa held her fingers up, counting down from five. Jack was ready; he held the airhorn right above the center of the old headboard. Elsa counted down and Jack blew the horn for a grand total of three seconds.

"Holy shit!" Hiccup shouted as he jumped at the blaring horn. The dog jumped up and started barking, protective of his master, but stopped when he realized Elsa and Jack weren't there to hurt anyone.

Elsa and Jack were laughing so hard that they fell to the floor, unable to stand up.

Merida yawned, slowly opening her eyes. It took a lot to wake the girl up; she was quite the heavy sleeper. "What the 'ell are ya doin' in 'r room?"

"Merida how could that not wake you up?"

"Da 'orn?" She shrugged, "Ma brodders are wee devils. I've seen every trick in da book. And I've always been a hard sleaper."

Hiccup sighed, the laughter from Elsa and Jack had died down.

The two were finally able to get back on their feet. Elsa grabbed Jack's arm and started dragging him out of the room. "We'll go make breakfast. Hurry your asses downstairs!" Merida and Hiccup were left alone.

"This is going to be a looooong week."

"Ya know it." Merida kissed his cheek, then got up to get dressed.

Rapunzel was downstairs, cooking pancakes and sausage, when she heard the horn go off, someone yelled and there was barking. She stopped what she was doing and listened carefully, hearing laughter. Soon after, Jack and Elsa came running down the stairs and landed on the couch.

Flynn raised an eyebrow, "What did you two do?" He asked as he went to sit next to the couple on the couch.

"We woke them up." Jack said, still laughing.

"With an airhorn?" Rapunzel accused from the kitchen.

Elsa held up the horn from where she sat on the couch. "Yep!"

Rapunzel giggled. She looked down at the pancakes and realized one was burning, "Shit!" She took the pancake off the pan, ripping it in half she gave the pieces to Toothless and Olaf who were begging at her feet.

Elsa, Jack, and Flynn walked to the kitchen. They sat at the barstools, watching Rapunzel cook.

"I was going to do that but I guess you beat me to it." Elsa commented.

"Yes I did. Remind me why you woke them up with a horn?" Rapunzel giggled.

Jack smiled, "Thought it would fun."

"Merida gonna kill you?" Flynn questioned.

"I don't think so. It didn't really wake her up. What did was Hiccup shouting 'holy shit'!"

"So if anyone is going to kill us it will be Hiccup." Elsa added. "But we know that's unlikely."

"I wouldn't say that if I were you." Hiccup said as he sat on the stool next to Elsa.

"Pffft I'm not scared of you. The worst you can do is trip on something." Jack responded.

"Hey I'm not as clumsy as I was last year." Hiccup defended.

MerMerida came to his sideand kissed his cheek, "Yer right...yer worse." Swhispered, "But at least ye've gotten taller." She pulled away and stood next to Rapunzel, "Food almost dun?"

"Yes, Mer." Rapunzel rolled her eyes. "You're such a bloodhound."

"I no."

When the food was done, they sat at the dinning room table, and began eating. They discussed what they thought juinor year was going to be like and what clubs they planned on being in.

There came a knock at the front door. The dogs bolted up from under the table, barking at the door.

Everyone was confused, they weren't expecting company.

Hiccup restrained Toothless and Elsa held Olaf in her arms. Merida walked over and opened the door.

"What ar ya doin' 'ere?"

"Well thanks for that kind welcome." Kristoff said sarcastically.

"Anna?" Elsa asked.

Anna and Kristoff stepped inside--Kristoff's golden retriever, Sven, ran to play with Toothless. Kristoff was holding their bags but set them down as he closed the door.

"Surprise!" Anna yelled.

Elsa set the puppy down and hugged her sister. So much for having a week alone with her friends. At least she had yesterday. "What are you doing here?"

"Mom and Dad had to go on a last minute business trip, and won't be back for two weeks, so they said I should come up here with you."

"Two weeks? They won't be here when we have to go to school?"

Anna frowned, "Afraid not."

"But we always--"

"I know." Anna interrupted, "They said they were sorry, but that it was really important."

Jack walked up behind Elsa and hugged her, "Come on snowflake, let's go have some fun."

"Ew, I don't need to hear that." Anna joked.

Elsa and Jack blushed. "Not that kind of fun...since your sister's here."

"So if we weren't here that would be what you're doing?" Kristoff asked, disgusted.

Jack nodded his head, "Probably."

Anna shivered, "Jackson that is my sister!"

"Should I run?"

Kristoff and Elsa nodded, "It's recommended." Jack sprinted out the door, Anna at his heels. Elsa sighed, "Do you think I should help him?"

Merida flicked her in the back of the head, " 'ell no! Aye want ta see dis!"

"Me too!" Hiccup and Flynn chimed in. Everyone ran outside to watch the petite strawberry blonde chase the recently white-haired teen. They relaxed on the porch while listening to Jack's pleas for her to stop.

"Please, Anna, it was just a joke!" He panted.

"I know it wasn't!" Anna finally caught up to him, tackling him into the grass. Merida, Hiccup, Kristoff, Rapunzel, and Flynn started laughing hysterically, nearly falling out of their chairs.

Elsa ran over to where they were, worried about her boyfriend. "Anna that's enough!" She said, peeling her sister off Jack.

"I was only going to punch him, sis."

Elsa rolled her eyes, helping Jack up. "Only?"

"Yeah," Anna smiled innocently. "Oh and just to let you know...we're having a party on Saturday. I invited dozens of people from school."


Anna darted inside grabbing Kristoff's arm and pulling him with her.


Happy Turkey Day my dear readers!

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