2: Truth or Dare

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They finally arrived at Elsa's cabin, on the lake and the sun was just starting to set. Elsa sighed, exasperated from listening to everyone's chatter for the last two hours.

"Yes!" Jack yelled as he jumped out of the car, once Rapunzel and Flynn had gotten out. Elsa followed, though more slowly, behind him. "Finally I'm free!"

"Yer free?" Merida yelled. "I 'ad ta listen ta yer complainin' fer an 'our!"

"Whatever, Red!" Jack shouted out in happiness as he sprawled out on the grass.

"Hey Jack-ass, get your ass up and help us with the bags." Flynn called from behind the car. Jack groaned but did as he was told, he didn't want to anger Elsa. Rapunzel opened the crate that the dogs were in, the black lab with strange green eyes and the small white husky started racing around the cabin. "Here," Flynn handed him his and Elsa's bags and he started walking to the cabin.

The cabin was large...very large. the walls and floors were made of wood. The living room had a seven foot wide fire place, that was surrounded by two medium-sized couches and an armchair; one couch and the chair were red, the other couch was green. Lamps sat on end tables that were next to the couches. Connecting to the living room was the staircase that lead to the three bedrooms, the dining room, and the kitchen. The dining room had a long oak table with enough chairs to seat twelve. The kitchen was just like any other.

"Jack we're in the room on the end." Elsa told him as she followed behind, carrying Hiccup's duffle bag.

It didn't take long for all of their stuff to be distributed into their rooms, and for the food to be put in the fridge.

It was dark out now. They started a fire in the fireplace and were silently watching the flames. Toothless and Olaf lay on the rug in front of the fireplace. Merida and Hiccup sat on the green couch, Merida's feet resting in his lap. Rapunzel leaned against Flynn as the two sat on the green couch. That left Elsa sitting in Jack's lap in the armchair.

"We should play truth or dare!" Rapunzel jumped suddenly. Everyone was startled by the sudden movement for a moment.

"Sure." Hiccup agreed.

"Why not?"

"I'm game. Sounds fun. " Jack grinned deviously.

Rapunzel sat straighter, "Yay! Same rules as last year apply. Rule one: if you do not accept a truth or dare, you must take of an article of clothing. Rule two if you are caught in a lie, you must take off an article of clothing. Rule three, first person to lose all their clothes has to jump in the lake. So I'll go first. Hmmm...ah dear cousin, truth or dare?"

"Truth." Elsa answered reluctantly.

"Have you ever dated anyone other than Jack?"

"Well...I guess you could say Hiccup and I 'dated'...?"

"What?" Jack and Merida yelled in shock.

"When did that happen?" Jack continued.

"Save it for my next truth." Elsa shrugged. "Flynn truth or dare?"


Elsa smirked, "I dare you to kiss Merida."

Merida shot Flynn a death glare, "Don't ya even think abou' it."

"Not in a million years." Flynn agreed, and pulled off his t-shirt. "Who shall be my victim? Ah yes. Red, truth or--?"

"Dare." She interrupted excitedly.

"Seven minutes in heaven with Hiccup in the closet."

"Really? Nothin' evil?" Flynn shook his head. "Okay." Merida grabbed Hiccup's hand and pulled him into the closet.

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