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Phil was in the kitchen, shoving his hands into Dans lucky charms, happily munching away at the colorful marshmallows. He felt sorta guilty, but ignored the feeling and kept shoving food into his mouth. He knew Dan hated it when he ate his cereal, but phil just ran out of his so darn fast.

After a few handfuls of more ceral Phil decided a half snack wouldn't be enough to fill his rumbling tummy.

So, he pulled out a bowl, poured some lucky charms into it, and opened the fridge, looking through it for the milk. A few seconds later, Phil realized he was out of of the white fluid.

Darn it. He had all ready poured a whole bowl of cereal, and was pretty exited to eat it.

Wow you're such a child. Someone said in the back of Phil's head. Exited to eat cereal. And too that someone phil simply said shut up.

Dry cereal was amazing, but what Phil really wanted was cereal with milk.

He shrugged. Might as well get out of the flat and swing by the supermarket for some milk. They were almost out of eggs as well.

"Daaaaaaaaan!" He yelled at his best friend, who was watching TV, the Great British Bake Off trying to be intense about cooking fish, but failing miserably.

"Yea?" Dan asked, turning around and smiling at his friend. Phil smiled back, his blue-green eyes lighting up, his heart doing the flippy thing it always did when Dan smiled.

"I'm gonna go out for some milk okay?"

Dan nodded, and came to stand next to Phil. "Eating my cereal too I see?" He laughed happily, and gently shoved Phil, who giggled.

"Well, I couldn't resist the marshmellowly goodness!"

Dan laughed harder. "Oh god you're such a child." Just like the voice in Phil's head and he smiled, looking into Dans deep brown eyes, feeling his heart melt. Dan looked back at Phil, and for a moment they just stared at each other happily, 100% content to stay like that forever.

Then Phil remembered he had milk to buy, and tore his eyes away.

"Wanna come with me Dan?" Phil asked, looking around for his bright blue shoes. God there flat was a mess.

Dan laughed and looked down. Then Phil realized...

Dan was wearing a plain gray teeshirt and bright blue boxers, with Pokemon balls on them. Not the best thing to wear to the supermarket, but not the weirdest thing Phil had ever seen.

"Oops never mind." He blushed a little, which made Dan smile.

"See you soon then yea?"

"Yup!" Once Phil had tied his shoe, he leaned over and pecked Dan on the cheek.

"Bye." Was the last thing Dan heard as the boy he loved shut the front door behind him.

As Phil waited for the lift he realized what he had done. He had kissed Dan. He had kissed Dan. Sure it was just a swift kiss on the check, that lasted less then a second, but it was a kiss non the less.

And how did Dan feel? Did he like it? Was he disgusted? Did he not wanna talk to Phil anymore?

Sighed as Phil entered the elevator he decided to abandon all thoughts of Dan.

It was a little cold outside, and Phil regretted not wearing a jacket, but at least now his Pokemon shirt was happily on display for everyone to see. Ash and Pikicachu ran across the front of it.

Phil hurried down a few streets, happy to not attract any crazy people. After about 10 minutes he made it to the supermarket, and hurried inside to get some milk. He made his way to the back of the store, picking up some maltezers for Dan.

Then Phil stopped at the very back of the store, mulling over what milk to buy. He settled for skim milk, and pulled it out of the freezer, shivering in the process.

As he checked out, all Phil could think about was how adorable Dan was going to look when he revived the chocolatey treats from Phil, with his dipoles showing, brown hair falling into his face, as he laughed.

Suddenly the Brit couldn't wait to get home. In fact he was jumping up and down in the queue.

When he was at the front of the line Phil smiled, and quickly paid for his items, then hurried out the automatic doors.

It had started to rain when Phil was in the super market, and he groaned. It was only around 4pm, but it was already dark out, the normally bright sun covered by clouds. Typical London weather. Luckily he lived near by.

Phil started to fast walk home, looking sorta stupid, when suddenly a taxi drove by, and sprayed water all over Phil from the curve, soaking him.

"Oh crap!" Phil yelled, and tried to dry of his wet clothing with his hands. He realized he was blocking the busy people walking down the pavement, so Phil moved out of the way, and into a small, dark alley, lined with trash cans.

Then suddenly a huge hand was clapped over his mouth, smashing his lips into his teeth painfully. Phil tried to scream, but nothing came out, and the person holding Phil pulled into deeper into the abandoned street.

Terror ran through Phil's veins, and he started trembling uncontrollably. The terrified Brit tried to squirm away, and received a punch in the side, causing him to gag.

Phil couldn't breath, and couldn't think. His brain felt fuzzy.

A dirty gray sack was pulled over his head, and something sharp pinched his neck.

Phil was about to scream again, when everything went black.

((Hey guys, I came up with the idea for this fanfic with my friend who sadly is unable to help me write this but I'm gonna try anyways! I'm not very good at action either but I'll try my best! I have a bunch of new ideas. Peace out homie scouts!))

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