Why didn't the wolf kill me? Chapter 6

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sorry its been a while but I had to revise for a Spanish assessment which I totally failed by the way, luckily I'm fluent in English :)



We leaned in closer and closer as glanced at his lips, so red and luscious. When he grabbed my shoulder pulling me closer and closer until, he smirked at me and pushed me back into the pool. "what the hell", I screamed at him as he cracked up in laughter "ha ha ha you should have seen yourself, you totally want me, I know I'm gorgeous but there's no need to fall for me ha ha", he said still laughing at me.

Red tinged my cheeks I didn't want to blush but unluckily I did and now he was laughing so much more than before. Then an idea struck me, I swam to the bottom of the pool then headed towards were he was sitting.

I swam to the surface as slowly as possible trying to make the least amount of noise possible, almost there and GOT IT.

I reached for his ankle and tugged him into the water, he screamed as he fell into the water. Now it was my turn to laugh at him.

"I'm sure the way I looked was funny, but your look was priceless. You actually screamed", I couldn't help but laugh even more as soon as he blushed as what he said.

Come on no-one can resist laughing at a boy who blushes now can you. He glared at me before murmuring "shut up", and swimming towards the edge of the pool and hauling himself out.

"Awww is someone upset that a girl not to mention a HUMAN girl mange to pull your werewolf ass in this pool", I said in a fake sweet voice. He just turned back around and shot me a death glare before walking off in a strop.

Wow if looks could kill I'd be six feet under, swimming to the edge of the pool I climbed out and headed back in the house from the very large conservatory.

I saw him sat in the kitchen staring at nothing in particular, probably thinking of something. "Hey", I said disturbing his thoughts. He turned to look at me before looking back towards whatever he was looking at.

It was obvious he didn't want to look at me, fine if he going to be childish I'll let him be childish. Is it my fault I chose to get revenge? Well yes it is but he started it.

I looked at the clock and saw it read 6 o'clock meaning it was soon time for him to change and this time I wasn't that worried or scared in any way at all.

I headed to my room knowing that I'd be perfectly safe and doodled on some paper I found earlier. I drew a wolf exactly like Rick and a girl hugging him. Then I heard the thudding, again what is the need for him to be so loud when he's a wolf honestly.

I heard him sniffing at my door as he caught my sent, and scratched at it like a dog would to get it's owners attention so it could be let back in.

I opened the door to be met by the ginourmantic wolf I knew well. It licked the side of my face, ha I so have to taunt Rick about that in the morning.

He began jumping around playfully before lowering its back for me to get on, tonight would definitely be interesting.


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P.S Ginourmantic is a cross between Ginormous and Gigantic for those who did not know.


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