Why didn't the wolf kill me? Chapter 32

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I've decided instead of writing these things at the top and bottom of each chapter, I'll just write it and possibly write something at the bottom, what do you think? anyway sorry for the wait hope you like the new chapter enjoy, also this chapter will be written in different POV's, I wouldn't usually do this but for this chapter I have to otherwise it would make no sense :D x


Olivia's POV

I couldn't help staring at Zach I sometimes caught him staring at me to, I can't help but get lost in his deep brown eyes. He looks so confused and I don't know why, why wont he tell me, I think... I think I love him but then again I've never been great and identifying my feelings.

When you live in my world with my father, it's difficult to show any emotion, in his eyes showing emotion is basically showing weakness to stay strong you must not let anyone know how you feel to stay strong you must ignore all distractions.

No friends, no boyfriends and you can't show love to family, the enemy can use all this against you. But since Eve and Rick saved me from that monster, my thoughts have changed, I'm so confused, why do I suddenly feel happy when I'm around Zach and why have I suddenly become happy freely, I can cry in front of them without regret.

It doesn't feel like I'm showing weakness, it actually makes me feel a lot better. It's hard to look at the monster that attacked me, Eve assured me his hunger had got the best of him, he really does not want to do this. But I can see the monster in his eyes, it's thirst is overwhelming, it can't take it any more, and the hunger is burning him.

The animal blood is not enough, he needs live blood fresh from the vein, he needs the blood of a creature like himself, a creature like me and Zach, or Crystal or even the blood of a human. Animal blood is disgusting to these creatures and slightly poisonous, this is why he couldn't drink Eve's blood, she is part wolf making her part animal. It's as bad as a human eating bugs, if they have nothing else to feed on, it can full you up in large amounts but can make you seriously ill.

I've been avoiding him for a while, I know he's going to snap soon and attack, it's in his nature and it's not gonna be long now until nature kicks in. I see him staring at our necks when we go into his room, to give him his food. He wants to pounce and attack get the blood he actually wants, but he knows he cannot so he looks away in distress.

He's like a scared child now born into a world of sorrow, he's scared of what's he's become and it's killing him inside. "I brought you something to eat", I said bringing the carcass towards him, Dan looked up at me and nodde3d, his eyes quickly glancing to my neck and back, he did it in such speed it was almost unnoticeable.

I placed the poor animal next to him as two long fangs slowly protruded from his mouth as he bit into the creature draining as much blood as he could. I watched him in disgust, I had to take the animal from him when he finished.

He put the body down and licked the remaining blood from his lips, I walked towards the animal cautiously to take the animal from his lap, picking it up I turned around to leave the room, when I felt a hand over my mouth and lips on my neck, it was Dan, he sniffed at a certain point, I turned slightly to see his eyes they were blinded with hunger, and completely black, even the whites.

Suddenly I felt two sharp fangs dig into my neck, drawing out blood somehow I was relaxed this time not terrified, I fell limp I knew I couldn't fight back this time.

Eve's POV

We turned back from the wood, I won this time again, but instead of catching a small rabbit like last time, I caught a wolf, Rick told me it was cannibalism as I ate it which just made me laugh. He was just jealous I caught a wolf whilst all he caught was a squirrel.

I sniffed the air and caught the scent of blood, it was so familiar as if I'd smelt it before, it was Olivia's, I ran back towards the house in panic. But something stopped me, it was a golden wolf, Cindy she stood in front of me snarling. As if she was stopping me from getting home, but why would she do that??

I watched her carefully as she watched me intrigued by what I was doing, you could tel her wolf had taken complete control so maybe I could talk to it though I'm sure the only response I would get is grawrrrrrrrrrrrrrgrrrrr but then again what do I know.

'What are you doing?' I asked the wolf it cocked it's head at me then went back to growling and snarling 'you're not gonna hurt Dan' I heard an unusual voice, I'm guessing that's her wolf, wow I wonder if my wolf sounds that weird.

'What do you mean I'm not gonna hurt Dan??' this wolf really was confusing me 'let him feed' that was all she needed to say before I jumped over her and ran toward the house with her hot at my heels. So he's the one hurting Olivia.

I reached the house and ran upstairs with her right behind me snapping at my hind legs, I ran into the room and saw him feeding from Olivia, but she didn't seem to be fighting back, she looked relaxed. Which is when I saw the glowing from the corner of my eye.

Crystals POV

I heard struggling from upstairs, before I could even ask what was going on Zach jumped off his seat and darted upstairs 'stay calm Olivia we're coming' I let out the signal to make her relax, struggling could make things worse.

I ran upstairs after Zach to see Eve stood in shock, as Dan was slowly draining the life out of Olivia, I looked at my hands as they began to glow, it was happening and now it had started there was no way of stopping it.

The illuminous glow began to spread around my body, my hair turned blond and my clothes became a white dress. The glowing became stronger and Eve turned to look at me in awe, I smiled at her sweetly in a way of reassurance. It was my way of telling her everything would be fine.

Dan's head snapped up from his 'meal' or as we like to call her Olivia and he turned to look at me with hunger in his eyes, throwing Olivia across the room he approached me slowly. Zach ran to help Olivia who had blacked out, she was so weak.

He smiled at me mischievously and I smiled back, he had no idea what was about to happen the glow spread around the room, and in cased Olivia, protecting her from dangers and healing her from the harm that had been done. Zach smiled at me gratefully, some of the light came out as lightening and struck Dan, he was pushed to the ground and was completely knocked un-conscious.

The light began to fade and soon it was gone, I fell to the ground and that's when it went dark.


I know the last part seemed rushed but I needed to get it in anyway hope you liked the chapter, I'll upload quicker next time I promise :D x

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