Why didn't the wolf kill me? Chapter 33

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Eve's POV

I looked at Crystal's resting body paralysed in shock, did what I think just happened happen? What the hell she was glowing then BAM Dan is unconscious and Olivia is in some weird light shelter kind of thing.

Everyone seemed to be in the same state of mind as me, well apart from Dan and Olivia there unconcious, and Crystal she's the one who did this and I'm pretty sure she's recharging or whatever 'gods' do once they used up there power.

Anyway back to my questioning of reality, I turned to look at Rick who was concentrating on, lets call it a cacoon, that contained Olivia. I found my balance and managed to move my way towards him, I put my hands on his shoulders and tried to look him in the eyes.

He seemed to be looking threw me, trying to ignore my gaze "Rick", that didn't seem to get him out of his trance like state, "RICK", I screamed, that got his attention his eyes locked with mine. Though he still seemed distant, I smiled at him reassuringly it took him a while to register what Id done because he stood there staring for a while before smiling back.

I pecked his nose and his smile widened, I took my hands from his shoulders and walked towards the 'cacoon' that protected Olivia, you could just see the silhouette of her body, she was sleeping in order for her to gain energy.

I then snapped my head towards Dan in anger, he did this to her, he almost killed her and now he's gonna pay. My wolf shifted without me having to tell it to and charged towards him. He couldn't stop me he was un conscious.

Rick's wolf pushed me to the ground and pinned me down, I growled at him snapping for his face, 'what the hel are you doing Eve?' he said I glared up at him 'you saw what he did to Olivia and we know he'll do it again so why not kill him and stop him from killing?' I wasn't ready to forgive that easily.

He put more weight on me to stop me from struggling and growled 'killing him will do nothing, it will hurt you and people who know that he's trying, trying not to let the beast take over all we have to do is find that human the one which he will be able to feed from without consequence'.

I sighed and shifted back nodding in agreement, I really couldn't care less that I lost my clothes in the transformation right now I had to concentrate on making  people safe. I walked over to Dan and picked him up bridal style, thank you super strength, and laid him on the bed.

I turned to Rick "get me some chains we'll have to chain him to the bed", Rick did the weird raising eyebrow thing and said "a little saucy don't you think", I rolled my eyes at him and hit him playfully.

He chuckled before leaving to do his job, I sighed and just sat there watching him, how could the sweet boy I met not too long ago have turned into this? a creature of the night (and day), I let a silent tear fall how could this have happened I feel like this is all my fault though I'm not sure why.

Rick came back in holding a bunch of silver chains, it made me chuckle a little because I'd seen this programme where a vampires only weakness was silver. I shook my head at the thought still chuckling quietly to myself, which earned me a strange look from Rick I stuck my tongue out at him smiling but he just licked it, I didn't realise how close he was to me.

I gave him a disgusted expression and started to spit, he laughed at me handing me the chains, I grabbed one of Dans hands and chained it to the bedpost Rick did the same for his other hand, we then moved down to the feet and chained them to the bottom of the bed.

I stood back admiring our work when we heard a gasp coming from Zach we looked to see the 'cacoon' faltering before finally disappearing to nothingness. Olivia stretched and stood up slowly, she turned to look at us and I'm sure I saw a flash of light in her eyes, but just as soon as I saw it, it disappeared.

She looked confused obviously not remembering a thing, I looked at her curiously, things aren't going to get any easier around here.


So this could either be the end of this story setting up for a sequel or a new chapter waiting to be continued your choice :D

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