Why didn't the wolf kill me? Chapter 34

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We had all been sat in an awkward silence for round about an hour now, I opened my mouth to speak but closed it just as quick thinking better of myself. Dan's chains began to rattle from behind us, I guess he was waking up, but i didn't dare turn to look at him, I couldn't all I saw him as now was a monster who thirsted for blood and would get it at any cost.

"Hey", he began "why am I chained to the bed?", the confusion was clear in his voice, it came out croaky. Maybe he was thirsty, without thinking I scoffed at the thought, how could he still be thirsty after that.

A few people gave me questioning looks but I smiled at them shaking my head as a way of telling them not to worry. Though deep inside I knew I shouldn't say it I was just as worried, telling them not to worry was just contradicting myself but I guess that's how it is now.

Things were so much simpler before I went to that house and met Rick, before I found out I was his mate or 'true mate' which I just think sounds like fantasy bullshit but hey who am I to say what's odd and what's not. I've been dragged into this world where I met a goddess, 2 half angel half humans, one of my friends became the enemy and I can't bare to look at him now and I've begun to have fun with Rick. This really is a messed up world.

It seemed no one was going to answer Dan's question, perhaps they were too afraid or they just couldn't find the right words to tell him. I had some choice words which I would rather not say aloud so it's best I stayed quiet and wait for somebody else to answer.

After a while Rick began to speak "the thing, I mean the monster inside you, I.. I guess you could say it won the battle of your control and took over", he paused to think before beginning again "and well.. you attacked Olivia again though this time almost killed her, if it wasn't for Crystal using her magical power stuff, god this sounds weird, ermm well you would have killed Olivia", Rick couldn't even look at Dan whilst he said all this.

I decided to look at his face for any expressions and all I can say is he looked torn, he looked as if somone had shoved there hand through his chest pulled out his heart and squeezed it until there was nothing left. His eyes were wet with threatening tears, the kind you want to keep hidden but will always fall, traitor tears.

I began to stand and slowly approached him still looking for any change in mood, he just sat on the bed unable to move that much whenever he moved his arm the chains would rattle to keep up with the swift movements.

I'm glad I'd put some clothes on earlier or this would be awkward, I sat on the edge of the bed and stared at him, I guess he could feel my gaze as he shifted to look up at me, I smiled at him slightly but he turned away ashamed, "go away I'm a monster", he said his voice dry with tears.

I shook my head at him "you're not a monster, you're the victim, it's not your fault that your like this your just a pawn to somebodies sick game. I killed the vampire that created you and I intend to help you", he looked at me and smiled a shy yet soft smile, before turning over.

I guess that's the end of that conversation then. I turned towards everybody who seemed to be staring at something intently. I followed there gazes when my eyes landed on a small box, how had it caused this much attention?

I walked towards it and opened it up peering inside, there resting on a velvet pillow was a small blood red locket. I opened up the locket to see a picture of Crystal with a small note inside saying 'Consider this war lost, we have the girl consider this locket as a gift from us and to remind you of your loss, it was so nice of you to just leave her therefor us to take, haha it was just soo easy none of you paid us any attention, well we must go goodbye x' it was surprisingly nice for a note from our enemies. They had prined the note with blood, and from the smell I'm pretty sure it was human.

Guess we have a fight on our hands, and it's something that our dear friend/enemies will not win we will find her and when we do the people who took her will pay dearly.


That's the end of this story dear readers but there will be a sequel called 'saving the girl' but I'm open to ny other title suggestions :) x

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