Why didn't the wolf kill me? Chapter 22

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I ran through the house my heart aching every time I thought about him "you know, if I had a girlfriend or mate or whatever you wolves call them as pretty as you, I'd never let her go, and definitely wouldn't cheat on her",I heard come from my back, it was the rouge nephilim.

It made me smile a little why is he nicer to me than my own mate was when he first met me? I had to stay focused on my mission so dashed into my room slamming the door behind me.

I shifted to lock the door stopping the nephilim escaping then went to change into some clothes, I returned in 5 minutes to see him going through my photo albums.

I cleared my throat to get his attention which made him jump, "I need to ask you a few questions, is that okay with you?", I asked trying to be nice.

He thought about this and nodded cautiously as if curious to what I need to know, "Okay, well first of all I'm going to need to know your name so I don't call you angel boy".

He nodded and said "you can call me Angel if you want but my name is Zach, may I ask yours?", I nodded to him before replying "My name is Evangelee, but you can call me Eve because I hate my name".

He looked at me before speaking again "why do you hate your name it's so beautiful, and it is nice to meet you Evangelee".

When he said this I blushed nobody ever said my name was beautiful or even called me by my first name they usually just agreed with me.

I smiled at him, a warm smile then said "It's surprisingly nice to meet you to, so can you tell me about the girl".

He looked confused then said "what girl, I honestly have no idea what you mean, and if I did then I would tell you, you look like a nice person so I would have no reason not to", again he made me blush how was he doing this, well they are supposed to be able charm people, Rick taught me that, Rick, just the mention of his name brought a tear to my eye.

I began to silently cry trying to hide my face from Angel, sorry Zach, but he seemed to notice as he approached me and held is arms open.

"I don't need your sympathy", I sneered I didn't mean to be mean but I wasn't in the mood for peoples fake sympathy.

He shook his head and said "I don't mean to show sympathy, I just think you need a friend right now and I'm the only one with you at the moment".

When he said this my heart fluttered this guy barely knew me yet he cared for me more than any one I've ever known has cared for me, apart5 from Dan, I wonder what happened to him.

Angel, I mean Zach enveloped me into a hug, rocking me from side to side while hushing me quietly "It's gonna be alright he didn't deserve you, you deserve better".

He held me like that for a while before I pushed away wiping the tears away from my eyes "I'm sorry", I whispered embarrassed he saw me like that, he smiled at me sweetly then said "You have no reason to apologise for crying, everyone needs to cry one time or another".

I smiled back at him he was so nice, I thought all nephilims were supposed to be self centered and were not supposed to care about anybody, but he seems different some how, he is really sweet and really kind, and seems to care about others more than himself.

He suddenly looked nervous, it was so cute, wait did I just say he was cute, I think it's just the depression speaking he began to talk suddenly sounding all shy "so ermm.. I was wondering if ermm... you would maybe like to ermm.. possibly go out with me someday?", He finished looking hopeful, well he was really nice to me, he reminded me of the wolf, the one that was Rick but wasn't if you get me, well I know what I mean.

Damn I'd been stood here staring at him like a goon for almost five minutes he must think I'm crazy, "yes I'd love to, but only as friends at the moment just until I feel completely better on what just happened with 'him'", He smiled nodding in understanding then said "this is kinda embarrassing, but I can't get out, and even if I could it'd be to dangerous because the wolves are out soon, so what I'm trying to say is could I possibly stay here over night, I'd stop downstairs on the sofa and be no trouble at all".

I looked at him and laughed earning me a confused look from him "Of course you can stay here but it's best you stop in my room unless you want to be murdered by Rick, the wolf boy you saw earlier, if he finds you he'll kill you for sure, he thinks I cheated on him with you".

He nodded at me then said "wait he thinks you cheated on him with me son he goes and has sex with another girl? He makes no sense I honestly have no idea what you saw in him", I thought about it and brought myself to wonder what I did actually see in him, maybe it was how sweet his wolf was and how it saved me, or maybe it was his rugged good looks.

I began to sigh dreamily as I thought about how good he looked, yumm, I snapped out of my thoughts by someone clearing their throat, I realised I had been staring at Angel's, sorry Zach's, well you not what for the past five minutes, I looked up to his face feeling my cheeks flush a brilliant red, "I.. I wasn't looking there honest", I said stumbling over my own words.

He chuckled then walked towards me kissing my cheek, which caused me to blush more, he chuckled again so I glared at him and hit him playfully, he feigned hurt then said "I thought you loved me but it was all lies wasn't it, go go I don't want to see you again, but just remember miss. Delila want be here when you come running back", then we both burst out laughing he said it in a really girly voice.

The clock struck five signaling it was changing time, within seconds I was a wolf, I heard a howl from within the house and howled back, I loved being a werewolf.

I looked at Zach, yes got it right, and noticed he had grown to grey angel wings which had managed to shred his shirt, I ended up gawking at his abs, he noticed and blushed turning away to hide his red cheeks, If I weren't as a wolf I would be just as red as him.

I heard clawing at the door meaning I had to take a run with him, lately his wolf had been controlling him meaning he was a lot nicer for the first hour then he would return to his normal suckish self.

I motioned for Zach to hide then went to try and open the door, which resulted in me breaking the lock, I walked out side to be met with a Wolfy kiss causing me to giggle, which came out as a low growl, I really did love his wolf more than him.


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