Why didn't the wolf kill me? Chapter 15

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I walked towards Rick and he walked towards me, I nuzzled at his face then turned and ran I felt so free I could hear him running not to far behind.

I stumbled a couple of times because I was still getting used to this new experience, I saw Rick stumble twice but he seemed to have already got the hang of it.

Probably because he's been a wolf longer so it came easier to him, he was chasing after me as we padded our way through the house.

I ran outside making my way towards the wood, I could still hear his paws thumping behind me, I wove between trees and jumped over logs.

Leaves crumbled and twigs snapped in my path, I was having so much fun I finally stopped at the most beautiful place I'd ever seen.

Th moonlight was reflected in the lake, it was a small clearing in the wood I could see so many things the lake was in the corner against a cliff, which a waterfall fell down.

Along the cliff there was an opening to a cave, it sparkled unarturally, a few rocks were just on the lakes water edge.

I let out a breath and cautiously walked forward, my ears pricked up when I heard Rick's thumping heart and heavy breathing close by.

I darted towards the cave to hide, I wasn't afraid of him I just wanted to make him jump, as he entered the clearing he walked toward the water.

I used this to my advantage and counted to three in my head before pouncing out of my hiding place and jumping straight onto his back.

He let out a startled bark before turning to see me, I smiled at him and he returned it with a smirk when I heard something in my head 'It should be the other way round love', puzzlement was clear on my face.

The weird thing was it sounded like Rick, it took me a minute to realise it was Rick oh how dare he I glared at him before walking towards the lake.

I looked at my reflection in the water I was a large white wolf with patches of brown here and there, my eyes were blue as they normally were.

I quite liked my wolf it was quite beautiful, I lapped up some water then turned to look at Rick, he stared back and grinned a wolfy grin.

I waded into the water and was able to change back to human form, "you coming in", I said I didn't know how to speak through my wolf, he nodded and joined me in the cold clear water.

"I prefer your wolf to you he was much kinder to me", he looked at me confused then changed back before speaking"Honey I am my own wolf, one can't be nicer than the other".

I looked at him and shook my head "so not true your wolf saved me from death carried me around the house on his back and was really sweet but you.. you're just blerghh".

He rolled his eyes at me, I swam back out of the pool when I heard him say "I'm liking the view from here", at first I was confused then realised I hadn't got any clothes on because the wolf would rip them in transforming.

I tried desperately to cover myself then shouted "pervert", at him he just chuckled "race you back", I said before returning to wolf form and darting back towards the house.

I heard him running after me, he was surprisingly fast 'what do I get if I win', he asked telepathically, I thought about this, I was so much faster then him 'if you win you can kiss me and I'll let you kiss me when you want, but if I win you have to leave me alone from now on unless I say otherwise', I replied.

'Deal', he replied before running straight past me, dammit he's fast I ran as fast as I could straining all my muscles to keep going.

He tricked me into thinking he was slow what a cheater, I managed to get ahead but in the last few metres I stumbled a little and he took this opportunity to get ahead.

The race over and he had won, I'm an idiot I should've expected this from the start, I glared at him and he smiled  'come on were's my prize', I glumly walked towards him and licked his face.

After that I ran into the house changing back to human and ran upstairs before he came in, I didn't want to start my wolf life like that.


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