Why didn't the wolf kill me? Chapter 18

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I let out a shaky breath trying to reason on what I was seeing in front of me, it couldn't be him, he can't be dead, why cruel world you can't just drag him from a world he barely knows.

I know I sound slightly dramatic but he was to young, only 16, I heard a gasp for air, my head immediately turned to face Rick.

His chest rising and falling quickly, breaths ragged, what the hell happened I walked towards him and tried to pull him up failing.

I shifted to my wolf then leaned down nudging him with my nose, he groaned in pain, I attempted to lift him onto my back, thanking my werewolf strength, sadly I'm only strong in wolf form.

After 5 minutes I managed to lift him on my back, I felt him clutching onto my fur and smiled, "you're gonna be alright", I mumbled then ran back to the house trying to be as careful as possible so he wouldn't fall.

We reached the house in no time at all, I walked into the house and climbed up the stairs with him still clutching tightly to my fur.

I entered his room and laid him on his bed, though it didn't help I had to jump onto his bed and get him to roll off my back.

I shifted back and attempted to move off the bed, but was stopped by an arm around my waist "no don't go, please stay with me", I smiled feeling happy he asked me to for some reason, then laid next to him pulling the quilt over us both, as soon as he gets some rest I'll ask him what happened.

I couldn't sleep, I felt a pain in my chest whenever I heard him whimper because of the pain, I noticed to bruises on his ribs and several cuts, he looked as if he'd been attacked by a wild animal.

I hugged up to him, then moved to find something that may help him ease the pain, I checked in the medicine cupboard and found a few bandages and some weird spray stuff you're supposed to put on cuts to clean them, it stings like hell but after the cuts feel way better.

I walked back into the room Rick was awake and looked worried and upset, but as soon as he saw me he smiled the widest smile I'd ever seen, it showed his perfect set of teeth.

"Their you are, I was worried, I thought you left me?", he said sadly, I frowned but then smiled that he had thought about me.

"I brought some things that may help you feel better", I said showing him the bandages and spray, he sighed at me then sat upright.

I walked towards him, trying not to stare at his body, I sprayed him with the weird stingy spray, which made him squirm and occasionally scream.

Then finished up by rapping the bandages around his front, making sure to cover every cut and bruise, I smiled at him admiring my work, then nodded and got off the bed.

He moaned at me for this, I shook my head and chuckled then said "you need some rest", before leaving the room, I'd ask him what happened later once he feels better and is well rested.

I started humming to myself and decided to make me and Rick lunch, but considering I couldn't cook for toffee I decided to just make him a sandwich and some soup, it'd probably be easier on his stomach anyway.

It only took about 10 minutes to prepare the food then I put it on a tray and brought it upstairs, Rick was sound asleep when I reached his room, so I left him after placing the tray at the side of his bed.

I got bored after a while and decided to take a run as my wolf, what harm could leaving Rick for a while do anyway.

I was suddenly aware that through all this I hadn't managed to put any clothes on from when I shifted back, I felt my cheeks warm up at the thought of walking around stark naked without realising it.

I changed to my wolf with ease than ran out of the house needing to feel the wind in my fur, and the mud on my paws.

I took a good 15 minute run then headed back home, I'd chased a rabbit earlier it looked so scared the poor little thing, when in wolf form I felt a lot more playful so usually chased things normally only dogs would, it made me feel free.

As I reached the house I saw Rick downstairs looking panicked, I rushed into the house wondering what was wrong, when he saw me relief washed over his face and he raced toward me enveloping me n a hug, pushing his face into my fur, "were have you been", he said worry and sadness clear in his eyes.

I nudged his face than licked his cheek he smiled slightly and said "never leave without telling me okay?", I nodded happily, I can't believe he was worried about me, just yesterday he could care less, whatever was happening was probably because of the blank spot in my mind from yesterday afternoon, I still wanna know what happened.

I lead him back to his room it was clear from here he was having difficulty walking, I laid next to him deciding not to shift back, maybe my fur could provide more warmth, his room was pretty cold, he hugged up to my wolf leaving barely any room between us then we both fell into a deep sleep, something in my head was saying 'be warned danger is on it's way' that was the last thing I heard before I was out for the night.


I know it was really boring but I hope you liked it x

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