Why didn't the wolf kill me? Chapter 25

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My eyes widened in shock as I replayed the scene in my head, what just happened, I stared down at the motionless body in front of me "Rick", my voice was barely a whisper I tried again "RICK", that ought to have got his attention, he came running behind me.

"what's wro-", he didn't get to finish as he processed the scene before him his eyes widened in shock he was about to say something but quickly closed his mouth he gulped and turned to me for some kind of explanation "who- wha- who- why?", well that made plenty of sense didn't it Rick watch me as I jump to answer your question.

I gave him a look that said spit it out or I will hit you, he sucked in a breath then said "what happened? Why is he here? Didn't he just try to kill Olivia?", three amazing questions right their one of which I could not answer.

"I honestly don't know what happened, he came to the house asking for help then fainted and yes he did just try to kill her", I answered as quickly as I could, he looked at me then shook his head mumbling something inaudible.

Gee thanks for the help Rick I guess I'll have to haul in the body of my now vampire slightly unconscious friend.

I grabbed one of his hand and tossed him onto my back and turning to a wolf in one motion, the longer you are a werewolf the more talented you become.

I walked back to Olivia and Zach, Olivia's eyes widened and her skin paled Zach noticed her and held her protectively. I sighed in frustration, I'm definitely not getting help from them.

I padded up the stairs as carefully as I could so he didn't fall off my back and then I'd have to go back down to get him, also because it would hurt him.

I finally reached the top and sighed in relief that's the hard part done now to find him a bed and something to eat, what does some body get a vampire to eat hmm.

I laid him on my bed then found a cup, i bit down into my shoulder and the blood trickled down into the cup, I then licked the mark in order to heal it.

I shifted back to human and picked up the cup to give to him when he woke up, I felt a little weak because of the blood loss but decided to ignore it, I put on some clothes before walking towards him.

I sat down on the bed side and hummed along to a song stuck in my head, when I heard a grumble from the bed I looked to see Dan waking up, he looked at me and smiled.

I smiled back and said "morning sunshine, I've got you something to drink", he looked at the cup filled with blood and chuckled slightly shaking his head.

He picked up the glass and took a sip before spitting it out, he gave the glass a disgusted look before putting it back on the bedside table.

I gave him a confused look and he said "what kind of blood was that it was disgusting", I looked astonished "is my blood not good enough for you?", I questioned him raising my eyebrows, I know it sounded weird asking some body why they didn't like your blood but come on he's a vampire how can he not like my blood.

He gave a face that said are you kidding me "you do realise vampires can't drink werewolf blood something about it being slightly poisonous, it weakens us", I blushed a little I feel a little embarrassed now, of course I should know that, "I'll try and find you some real blood, but while I'm gone please stay in this room preferably on the bed", he chuckled at me and nodded his head I smiled then left the room.

I undressed quickly and quietly so nobody saw me, I don't want to rip my clothes on the shift, I changed to my wolf and ran to the woods.

 I found a rabbit hopping outside it's hole. I smiled hello lunch, I approached it slowly. I didn't want it hearing me and running off, I almost got it when some one chased it off what the hell, a wolf came from the woods and turned towards me.

It was an average wolf so I could definitely kill him if he tried anything, he seemed to realise this to as he scrambled off, great now I have to find something else.

I had been searching the wood for 10 minutes now gahh this is getting frustrating, then I saw it a fox, they're not technically wolves.

I slowly stalked it as it sniffed the air, I darte3d behind a tree as it looked this way. As soon as it turned to look the other way I attacked, gripping it's neck and snapping it in one fluent motion, I smiled at my kill then carried it back home.

When I reached the house I heard a commotion from upstairs so ran towards my room, there I saw Zach and Dan fighting, Dan had already managed to sink his teeth into Zach's neck and Olivia was sat in the corner with her arms around her legs looking terrified my god what had happened?


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